10 Best Animated Cartoon Villains We All Love To Hate


We’ve grown up rooting against them. They’ve often defined the concept of everything that’s evil in the world. Yes, if you’ve grown up watching animated movies and cartoons then you know who we’re talking about – the most fiendish characters we all love to hate in Hollywood’s animated movies. Scroll down to see our list here.

10. Jessica Rabbit

Fairly provocative imagery but the character is the ultimate toon vamp in this feature animated film. A must watch for toon lovers. Guidance (parental) recommended.

9. Sammity Sam

Bugs favourite past time. The red moustached dwarf gunslinger has always been someone the kids love to see get hoodwinked by our favourite bunny rabitt.

8. Sylvester

Tweety’s nemesis. Never has this cat let up in pursuit of his prey.

7.  Elmer Fudd

The rabbit guy. We have all enjoyed him getting witted out by Bugs. No matter what good he does, he seldom is the good guy. The evil in him keeps him a firm favourite, for a thwarting.

6.  Coyote (of Roadrunner fame)

An all-time classic on the heroes hitlist.

5. Captain Hook

This guy actually left some mental scars on me since my childhood. That iron sickled hand, those long moustaches and that evil grin. Near to life “Gabbar Singh” as anything.

4. Mr. Burns

Homer Simpson’s nightmare. The boss we dread to have. The ultimate Seth (do not confuse this with Star Wars). A slimy, conniving villain so famously construed by Matt Groening.

3. The Evil Queen/Witch from Snowwhite and the 7 Dwarfs

If you’ve seen the original then you would know what I’m talking about. The transformation she has in the latter part of the story is pure evil.

Gave me the jitters, and my son and his buddies agree.

2. Cruella Deville

One of the truly most scariest characters Disney (was it )has ever produced. She is the epitome of bad, the truest face of evil. Not too many characters have a song about them. She nearly topped my list.

And the numero uno, the worst of all baddies

1. Sher Khan – Jungle Book

This suave talking, English accented feline of felines, Mr. Bad Cat himself. Whenever he says “man cub” I always think he’s addressing me. My fear and love for tigers I only owe to Sher Khan himself. The coolest, and empowering of all baddies combined.

So this was it, parents and folks, tried with extreme caution but all these characters define your kid’s cinematic journey and experience.

Until next time.

Contributed by Nasr Saeed.
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