10 Controversies That Made Qandeel Baloch Rise To Fame!


The Kim Kardashian of Pakistan and social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch was brutally murdered by her brother, Waseem, on Saturday in her hometown Multan. She has become the most popular and recent victim of  ‘honour killings’ in the country and the world isn’t ready to take it lightly. Reportedly, Baloch had been receiving death threats from some unknown sources owing to her indecent images and videos going viral over the internet. Her true identity was recently revealed past month when her husband Aashiq came forward with their child and marriage proof.

Qandeel Baloch was drugged and later strangled to death by her brother. Dr Mushtaq Ahmed, who carried out her autopsy said: “Apparently the lady died of suffocation but final opinion on her death would be possible only after report of chemical examination comes. She might have been given some poisonous substance before being strangled.” 

Qandeel’s father told the media, “He was my son, not a daughter. I have lost my son. She supported all of us, including my son who killed her.” 

The queen of controversy was well recognised locally and internationally for her graphic videos and controversial statements.She never missed a chance to stay in the spotlight.The media gave her the attention she was looking for, while they got the ratings that they needed. One after the other, Qandeel took the social media by storm and broke the internet with her controversial existence.

Today’s post we dedicate to her! Below are 10 Controversies That Made Qandeel Baloch Rise To Fame!


Qandeel Baloch’s presence was first acknowledged when a video of her went viral on Facebook. The entire internet started trolling Baloch over her “How em looking”statement!

Qandeel wanting to become Pakistan Idol

Later, the internet discovered that Baloch gave auditions for Pakistan Idol back in 2013 while the judges were Bushra Ansari, Hadiqa Kayani, and Ali Azmat. Everyone was surprised to discover this wanting to be a singer side of her.

Want tea Waqar Zaka?

Qandeel Baloch then uploaded a video on her Facebook asking Living on the Edge’s host, Waqar Zaka to make her a cup of tea with so much love that it pulled the audience’s attention more towards her.

Marry me Imran Khan!

Qandeel Baloch then took it to next level and proposed PTI’s chairman, Imran Khan. What was she thinking? But oh well, some serious number of fans looking for entertainment  followed her after that online proposal.

Her offer to strip dance if Shahid Afridi got home the cup!

Baloch was fond of cricket. We can tell! She was much excited for T20 Worldcup like any patriotic Pakistani. Let us just say, a little too excited. She offered Shahid Afridi to win the match for the nation and in return she’d strip for the team! The offer seemed so tempting to some that even Indians wanted Pakistan to win.

Valentines Day was all about love for Qandeel!

Baloch shut the government up over banning Valentine’s day across the country. She wore a red hot dress in the video while she spoke of how the government can not stop people from loving each other which drived her towards libeartion.

Selfies with Mufti Abdul Qawi


She shared a couple of selfies of herself posing with Mufti Abdul Qawi and stirred a storm over the social media once again. This time, things became ugly. Mufti sahib was dismissed from his designation for which Baloch apologised later.

Her claim On Feminism

Baloch largely remained a punch line for many while she was alive. After her murder, she is being honoured and remembered for her bravery in her attempt to shatter chauvinism. She also fought for herself to achieve sexual liberty.

“I am a modern day feminist. I believe in equality. I need not to choose what type of women should be. I don’t think there is any need to label ourselves just for sake of society.”

She was all set to take part in Big Boss 10


Reportedly, the 25-year-0ld was supposed to participate in Big Boss 10 this year. She could have possibly stirred some serious spice to the show until life happened.

Her song titled BAN that was asking for a ban!

Just a week before Qandeel Baloch was murdered, her music video released with an underage Aryan Khan. The song that looked like Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass went viral and was equally loathed by the conservatives.

You may love her or hate her, agree with her or disagree with her. But let’s just face it, no one had the right to kill her. Qandeel Baloch did not deserve to the die the way she did. No one deserves to die like this. If you think she was destroying the image of Pakistan, Killing her hasn’t made the country’s image any better either.

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