10 Hit Pakistani Dramas Of 2016 That You Need To Watch


The end of the year is finally here, and what a year it has been.  We saw some good, some bad and some awesome. What, you ask? Why, we are talking about all the television dramas, of course. If you, unlike us, haven’t been glued to your television sets then fret not. We have compiled a list of the ten best dramas that television had to offer this last year.

Here they are.

1. Udaari

Udaari, set itself apart from most TV serials in Pakistan when it made child sexual abuse, society’s response to it and the marginalization of women as its leading themes. It was co-produced by Momina Duraid and written by Farhat Ishtiaq and starred actors such as Bushra Ansari, Ahsan Khan and Urwa Hocane. This drama did not shy from exploring controversial themes and bringing them to the audience’s attention. All of which was delivered with exceptional finesse by the actors. Ahsan Khan in particular was splendid in this role.

2. Mann Mayal

This drama serial once again proves that people love seeing Hamza Ali Abbasi in the lead role. This story is about Mannu and Salahuddin played by Maya Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi respectfully, who are in love with each other but are unable to marry. Unfortunately for both of them, they end up with people who turn out to be evil in their own ways.  Their lives and fates intertwine as they find their love for each other burns ever so strongly over the years. Fans of the cast should definitely catch the show.

3. Dil Lagi

Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat star in this romantic drama. Dil Lagi, played by Mehwish Hayat, is a simple girl living an ordinary life in Sukkar, till the sudden death of her father. Her father has already paid off a debt taken from a local money lender but there is no proof of them doing so. Taking advantage of that, the lender moves to have them evicted. In steps Mohid, played by Humayun Saeed, whom the money lender had hired to have the family evicted.  Thereof, the drama begins and focuses on the clash and conflict between the two headstrong characters. This drama is a must see for depiction of women as strong, intelligent characters who can hold their own and great acting by both the leads.

4. Mor Mahal

The Mughal era invokes visions of grandeur and extravaganza. The drama, Mor Mahal, makes a fine effort to replicate that. The show stars Umair Jaswal as Nawab Asif Jehan who is the head of his harem with three wives all competing for his attention. Competition runs high between his first wife and his pregnant second wife for his time and affection. It only intensifies when the third wife enters the scene. Matters are further complicated when the new bride attempts to run away, placing her maid in her stead; whom the Nawab falls in love with. The drama is a must watch for the glorious sets, the beautiful outfits and the intense acting.

5. Noor – e – Zindagi

This drama serial explores the issue of mismatched marriages in our society.  Noor, an educated, kind girl marries a fifth grade pass, shop owner, Saleem. Saleem’s friends also play a part in misdirecting him and guiding him down a wrong path, encouraging him to treat his wife unjustly to exert male supremacy. The direction, dialogue and acting is top notch and this series is well worth a watch.

6. Sang – e – Mar Mar

Sang-e-Mar mar is a romantic drama serial depicting the story of Pathans in the Khyber Pakhtoon Khan region. Sang-e-Mar Mar takes a new twist on the stories of old. Strict Pathans, revenge, honor killings and oppression against women. Yes, we come across all the themes mentioned above, but we also come to find that Pathan women aren’t as docile or submissive as we’ve come to assume, or the men as barbaric or harsh as we’re led to believe. Well…not all of them. All in all this is a brilliantly directed show with a stellar cast. A high ranked show on all accounts!

7. Besharam

Besharam is a story about two people from very different backgrounds brought together by fate. It stars Saba Qamar as Mishal and Zahid Ahmed as Haider.  Unlike how we usually see in these types of settings, Mishal is neither a character in need of reform nor someone who is a victim. She is a strong, sensible woman who has already made a name for herself in the modeling world. On the contrary, Haider’s family disapproves of modeling and keeps to the middle class pastime of discussing rishtas or gossiping.
A must see for those wanting to watch a thought provoking drama about the different standards set for men and women in our society and our attitudes towards the different professions whether it is politics or modeling.

8. Sanam

This is a story about a man who marries his girlfriend…only to find out later she is bi-polar. In Harib, we get to see is a man who is a true gentleman. He is kind, calm and collected, and is the sort to communicate if there is a problem and work to find a solution. Osman Khalid Butt played that role very effectively. Hareem Farooq’s portrayal of Aila was also stellar. She did an excellent job playing the troubled and maniacal character. Maya Ali’s character was more subdued and added a nice balance. Over all, a good show to catch.

9. Jhoot

This drama serial stars Bushra Ansari and is the tale about a woman who is a harsh wife, an extremely controlling mother and uses lies to get what she wants, even if she thinks she is lying for the betterment of her family. But as the saying goes, one lie leads to another and it gets harder to cover your tracks. The acting by Bushra Ansari in this drama was flawless. The other actors also delivered magnificently. This is a really good drama and we recommend it.

10. Main Sitara

The drama is set against the backdrop of 60s Lollywood. The story follows a young, poor girl who dreams of making it to the big screen one day. Saba Qamar plays the lead role of Sitara and Mikaal Zulfiqar plays the male lead Farhad. Noman Ejaz and Meera complete the star studded cast. The drama does a good job of taking the audience back to the golden era of Lollywood. The glitz and glam of the 60s invokes a strange nostalgia even for those too young to have been born in or around that era. A must see.

There were so many amazing dramas this year that picking our favorites was hard, though we finally managed to settle on the ten we believe are the cream of the crop. Hope you have as much fun as we did watching these! And have a Happy New Year!

Contributed By Sara Tariq