10 Hottest Pakistani Item Songs Which Are Better Than Bollywood


You thought Bollywood was the only industry that can pull off item songs, we’re here to prove you wrong. With the revival of the Pakistani cinema, the industry has whole-heartedly embraced the item song trend. Here are some of the hottest item songs that Pakistani actresses have performed.

Sajal Ali

Can you ever get over how cute Sajal and Feroze look together? The couple stars together in the movie ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay’ and the item song ‘Chulbul’ is a treat for all the fans rooting this couple to be canon! The chemistry between Sajal, wearing a very Jasmine-inspired aqua ensemble, and Feroze is simply incredible as they dance to the beat.

Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat gives Shiela a run for her money in the song ‘Billi’ from the movie ‘Na Maloom Afraad’. The song is really catchy and has quite a bit satirical element to it. Clad in a dark green ghagra choli, Hayat breaks into some seductive dance moves with ease. The hair-flips and thumkas had the crowd going wild.

Ayesha Omar


Ayesha Omar’s versatility is truly something, from being a VJ, singer, model and actress; she starred in an item song ‘Tutti Frutti’ from the movie ‘Karachi se Lahore’. She grasps the undivided attention of the crowd with her energetic and fast-paced performance in a blue knee-length skirt and a peach crop top.  Apart from getting dancing to the catchy beat, she is the singer for the song featuring Shiraz Uppal.


Mathira rocks some serious sultry moves in the song ‘Butter Jawani’ from the new movie ‘Blind Love’. The fact that the model and actress was a yoga instructor came in handy as she can be seen suspended in air and doing some incredible acrobats. Mathira looks sexy as ever in all her bold and colourful outfit changes.

Sohai Ali Abro


Soha Ali Abro warns her audience that her selfies are electrifying in the item song ‘Selfiyaan re Selfiyaan’ from the movie ‘Wrong Number’. She switches between the two really graceful ghagra cholis, lemon green and pink and the other maroon and gold. Soha is a mix of fun and sexy as she sways to the beat.

Mariam Ansari

The RJ turned actress performs a sexy contemporary routine in ‘Ishq Kamla’ from the movie ‘Halla Gulla’ clad in a greenish-brown silk BodyCon dress. The actress was killing it with her moves and performed really confidently when it came to her lifts in the tango bit. You’d think that we wouldn’t catch-up with the hottest dance styles?

Mahnoor Baloch

Mathira opens the song ‘Masti Mein Doobi Raat Hai’ with her signature moves in the movie ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ but wait… is that…  Mahnoor Baloch? The ever flawless Mahnoor stuns the audiences with her sensual dance routine with co-star Humayun Saeed. Mahnoor wears a gold maxi dress with a slit and later changes into a black tassel dress and a gold tasselled dress.

Zhalay Sarhadi


Zhalay Sarhadi redefined item songs with class when she performed in ‘Jawani’ from the movie ‘Jalaibee’ wearing a red lehenga and a sheer blue top. She was fluid in her movements as she twirled and glided gracefully across the stage.

Mariam Ali Hussain

Mariam Ali Hussain’s item song ‘Naughty Saiyyan’ from the movie ‘The System’ was received very well her fans. She was clad in a very Bollywood-esque dark pink flowy skirt and an eye-catching sparkly top. The song is very energetic, raunchy and upbeat.

Saba Qamar


Saba Qamar looks absolutely stunning in a gorgeous lehenga in ‘Qalabaz Dil’ from the new movie ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ which is very well received. Saba channels her inner Madhuri in the song as she gracefully spins and twirls to the catchy tune. After establishing herself as an incredible actress she has proved that she can groove to this beat too.