10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Had An Accident!


Accidents on roads is not something new. There are a number of actors who have been in an accident. Let’s take a look:

1. Junaid Jamshed

Obviously the first name to occur is JJ’s. In a terrible plane crash, the voice of Dil Dil Pakistan left his fans and family in mourning. The ill-fated flight was supposed to land in Islamabad.


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2. Sana Khan

Young and talented actress Sara Khan died in a car accident when she was on her way to Karachi from Hyderabad. The accident took place on the National Highway, Karachi. Sana was accompanied with her husband and fellow TV artist, Babar Khan, who miraculously sustained no serious injuries.

3. Moomal Khalid

Beautiful young actress Moomal Khalid met with a terrible accident. The actress sustained some serious injuries, but she was able to recover quite well. However, her fiance lost his life in the fatal accident.

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4. Humayun Saeed

Not a lot knew when Humayun Saeed met with an accident in Thailand. Saeed was along with his family and it was only him who sustained serious injuries when a double-decker bus hit Saeed’s car.

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5. Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar has recently been in an accident as well. She was travelling with  fellow artist, Azfar Rehman. Luckily, both had speedy recovery.

6. Khushboo

Film star Khushboo was with her younger brother when she had a horrible car accident. Khusbhoo survived the minor injuries, but lost her brother to the accident.

7. Nimra Khan

Emerging artist Nimra Khan had an accident in which she sustained a bone fracture. She recovered quickly and is now fit as a fiddle.

8. Hareem Farooq

The beautiful actress had a minor accident in the city of Lahore. She sustained minor injuries and recovered quickly.

9. Javeria Abbasi

Not many people knew that Javeria Abbasi had a terrible car accident somewhere in the early 2000s. Several bones in her body were crushed. Speaking in a morning show, Abbasi told about the nightmare she lived for for a short while.

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10. Shahlyla Baloch

Women footballer Shahlyla Baloch lost her life in a car accident. Everyone was deeply saddened by the death of the young player.

Contributed By Aimen Siddiqui