10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Look Drool-Worthy While Working Out!


In the world of glitz, glamour,and entertainment, you need more than just superb talent to make it to the top and outshine! The audience needs to like what they see, in terms of both looks and talent.Fit and healthy is the new hot and sexy, and the Pakistani celebrities sure know that! Most of them spend hours in the gym trying to perfect their physiques so they can wow and impress their fans!

When we see our favourite celebrities flaunt their perfect physique, it becomes impossible to take our eyes off them. Below is a list of the top 10 fittest Pakistani celebrities who look super tempting and drool-worthy while working out!

10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Look Drool-Worthy While Working Out!

Ali Zafar

Here’s a click of one of Ali Zafar’s late night workout session with baby brother Danyal Zafar! They look so alike, we thought it was a mirror image! Hotness just multiplied is all that we can say!

Late night sessions @danyalzee

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Feroze Khan

Go hard or go home! Feroze Khan sure lives by that rule. He works out hard so he can up his muscle game to a whole new level and impress the girls! The fitness fanatic would stay fit and sexy at all costs and that hot bod is sure motivation for the rest!

Thanks @hassan.dawar for capturing this. ??

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Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor is never giving up!  He can be seen working out in the gym and we’re impressed with those muscles. The man has certainly transformed his looks with time and success.

THE GYM ..Where I break me..WHERE I REMAKE ME..#fitness #shredded #discipline #nevergiveup

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Junaid Khan

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely! Junaid Khan works hard at the gym and this picture is proof! Is there anything this star isn’t acing?

Will it b easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely #workhard #nopainnogain

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Umair Jaswal

They say if you still look hot by the end of your workout, you’re not doing it right! Umair Jaswal turns into Rock after he’s done sweating! The man is killin’ it!

Going for the kill #transformation #umairjaswalofficial #yalghaar #gym #deadlift #shrug #nopain #nothingisimpossible

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Hasnain Lehri

Oh, we just love Hasnain Lehri’s beautiful face, but the male model still works for that physique. So hot and tempting, we can not stop staring!

Imran Abbas

Chocolate boy Imran Abbas has managed to transform his lean body into a physique worth salivating over after some intense working out routine!

Time to kill it… Too motivated for my new film.. #letsdoit #motivation #fulllightscameraaction

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Oh, and it’s not just the boys! Female celebrities in Pakistan are fitness freaks too!

Mawra Hocane

Looks like Mawra Hocane is pretty dedicated to her workout and healthy habits! Sore today, strong tomorrow is what this petite lady believes in!

Mehwish Hayat

How does one just become the hottest chick in town? It takes a lot of work and Mehwish sure knows that!

Sadaf Kanwal

Know the secret behind Sadaf’s lean figure? INTENSE workout! Don’t we all want that lean figure that the model has?


Did you find the motivation and inspiration to head to the gym? These Pakistani celebrities are  giving us some major fitness goals!

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