10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Married Twice!


What is better than sound of music? Your cat’s meows? Your dog’s happy barks? Ice cream cart’s? No…no…no. The answer is ‘wedding bells’. Marriage stands as a sacred relationship between two people. However, at times, marriages turn out to be horrible and eventually fall out. In the entertainment industry as well, a lot of actors have had failed marriages. However they have eventually found their soulmates. Let’s take a look:

1. Javed Sheikh

Veteran actor Javed Sheikh married twice. He married Salma Agha for a brief period. His other wife Zeenat Mangi too belonged to the industry and he had two kids with her.

After a very busy schedule…

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2. Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi went through a divorce in the recent years. After being away from the limelight, Lodhi shared pictures of her second marriage. The happy couple looked ravishing. Lodhi’s children were present in the pictures as well.

Whenever we have a choice, we should always choose to be beautiful within first, as that's what shows on the outside

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3. Umer Sharif

King of comedy, Umer Sharif, had been married twice. He married his fellow actor Zareen Ghazal. The couple is living a happy life.

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4. Shabbir Jan

Experienced actor Shabbir Jan married twice as well. His second wife, Farida Shabbir, belongs to the industry as well.

5. Faisal Qureshi

After falling out of a marriage, Faisal Qureshi married a woman named Sana. The couple has a girl.


6. Abid Ali

Talented and senior actor Abid Ali had a second marriage with fellow actor Rabia Noureen.

7. Noor

Film actress Noor has been married for four times. She tied the knot with fellow co start, Wali Hamid Ali Khan.

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8. Azfar Ali

Azfar and Salma were a happily married couple for a long time. However their marriage fell apart when Azfar married Naveen Waqar. Azfar’s second marriage, unfortunately, couldn’t last longer.

9. Waseem Akram

After the death of his first wife, Huma, Waseem Akram married an Australian girl Shaniera Thompson. The couple is now blessed with a girl.

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10. Syed Noor

Famous film director Syed Noor married film actress Saima. This was Syed Noor’s second marriage.


Divorce and second marriages are sensitive topics in our society. Please consider this article as a report and not an opinion. Happy reading!

Contributed By Aimen Siddiqui