10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Refuse To Age


There are a lot of faces in our industry that continue to challenge time and space by looking like they are in their twenties, still very young, wild and free. Looking good is critically important for any celebrity but few refuse to age at all.

Apart from luck, good genes and a better skincare regime, celebrities who will leave you wondering what their secret is, are accused of getting cosmetic surgery done or consuming certain supplements but for few stars, aging process is just a myth. Let’s take a look at few Pakistani celebrities whose looks defy their original age.

Mahnoor Baloch


Twenty-three years down the lane in the industry. Is this woman for real? She’s 45 and yet looks like 25. Mahnoor still continues to give ladies a run for their money in the industry.

Humayun Saeed


Once a chocolate boy, always a chocolate boy. Humayun maintained his image since early 90’s and still remains a popular choice for leading roles. This hunk right is 44 years old. Can you believe it?

Reema Khan

Reema Khan-b

Reema has been a part of showbiz since past two decades and never fails to mesmerize us with her million dollar smile. She is soaring high on success with countless movies and dramas under her belt. The actress continues to shine through at the age of 43.

Adnan Siddiqui


Handsome Adnan Siddiqui is 46 years old. He has been a part of the industry since past 20 years. He easily manages to pull off roles alongside women are half his age.

Faisal Rehman


The very talented actor, Faisal Rehman has groomed himself to perfection that no one can guess that he is 49. Even at pushing 50, he still gives tough competition to the younger lot in the industry.

Zeba Bakhtiar


Adnan Sami’s ex-wife, Zeba Bakhtiar has a 22-year-old son. I mean, look at her? This gorgeous woman is 51 and still capable of making men skip a heart beat.

Faysal Qureshi


Yet another handsome star, Faysal Qureshi ruling the screens for more than 20 years. Faysal looks better than how he looked back in the 90’s. He is 42 years old and looks young and energetic as ever.

Atiqa Odho


With an acclaimed career spanning over 23 years, Atiqa has maintained her looks. The gorgeous star is 48 years old and  is also known for delivering some impeccable performances .

Nooman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz

Nooman Ijaz just hit 51 but does his appearance reflect his age? He has still managed to look handsome and graceful as he was decades ago and continues to grace the screen with his wonderful performances.

Hadiqa Kiani


The singing sensation, Hadiqa Kiani started her career back in 1995. She worked her way up to climb the ladder of success carrying her graceful image flawlessly. The iconic pop singer, Hadiqa is 41 years old and looks just as young as she looked back in the day.

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