10 Pakistani Celebrities With The Most Adorable Kids


Behind all that glitz and glamour, our celebrities are as homely and average as the rest of us. No matter where they live, their home is where their kids are. Our Lollywood stars have the most adorable kids you have ever seen, from Ayeza Khan to Syra Shehroz, Fiza Ali and more.

Here is a list of the top 10 celebrity kids we all adore so much. Caution! Too many bubbly cheeks ahead, try to control your “awws.”

Nooreh Shehroz Sabzari

Syra and Shehroz are one of the youngest couples in Lollywood, the couple is also an icon for other couples who marry young. The two have a beautiful daughter together, Nooreh Shehroz Sabzari, one of the cutest angels you will lay your eyes upon! For those who didn’t know, pouting is this little one’s favorite pose.


Sarwat Gillani & Fahad Mirza’s Son

Fahad and Sarwat tied the knot in 2014, in May 2015, both of them were blessed with a baby boy. However, none of them shared any pictures of their child, until Momal Sheikh’s son Ibrahim’s birthday where pictures of Fahad and his son surfaced. Look at that million dollar smile, no wonder they wanted to keep him off grid.


Hoorain Taimoor

Hoorain Taimoor is the princess of Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor. Both parents hosted a grand birthday party for their daughter who just turned 1 in July. Baby Hoorain has a “smile that could light up this whole town,” for sure.


Almir Arslan Khan

Almir is the dashing stud of Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arslan. The couple tied the knot in December 2012, and Almir will be turning 3 years old in September 2016. The little rockstar is the cutest patriot on our exclusive list.


Ziyara Malik

Ziyara Malik is the daughter of Dua Malik and the niece of Humaima Malick and mamu Feroze Khan. She is the daughter of the well-known singer, Sohail Hader. The family’s angel turned one recently this year. The cutie pie looked absolutely adorable in a pink dress with a floral headband on her special day.


Mehreen Raheel’s Son & Daughter

Watch out ladies, the bubbly boy is in town, and his cheeks are the only thing you will be staring at for the while. He is the son of Model Mehreen Raheel and Muhammad Munir, and the elder brother to ‘Queen of the World’ Jahanara, who will turn 1 this October.


Faraal Fawad

If there is something sweeter than pie, its Faraal Fawad’s gorgeous smile! The curly-hair cupcake is the daughter of Fiza Alia and Fawad Farooq. Her smile will automatically bring one on your lips, this cuttie-pie is just un-resistible!


Ibrahim Sheikh

The young stunner is the son of Momal Sheikh, daughter of Javed Sheikh, and Muhammad Nadir. The handsome young lad may look like an angry young man in the picture but is a complete delight from top to bottom. He celebrated his first birthday with his friends in May, including Hoorain Taimoor, Azlaan Khan, Nooreh Shehroz, and more.


Aayat Qureshi

Aayat Qureshi is the daughter of the well-known actor, Faisal Qureshi and Sana. She also has two siblings, a step-sister, Hanish from Faisal’s first marriage, and a step-brother from his second. Aayat is the perfect reflection of her father, she is sweet, naughty, fun, adorable, a total poser, and a delight to watch. In short, she is love!

Ayat Qureshi

Ali Mutaqeen

Ali is the son of singer Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt, the couple has been in the news recently because of their divorce. Ali is a sweet lad, with a cute smile, and heart-melting eyes. The young boy is an American nationality holder too.

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