10 Reasons Why Bollywood Regret Losing Fawad Khan


Fawad Khan just three films in India but he’s undeniably the hottest property that conquered Bollywood in a matter of two years! We bet that not a single actor from the neighboring nation can compete with our Pakistani heartthrob.

His successful acting trysts across the border and his sexy brooding looks are alone enough to put the whole of India on fire! 


So when our dear neighbors banned Pakistan’s McSteamy, it was totally their loss! And we have our reasons ready to prove it all.


We bring to you how Fawad Khan owned Bollywood! They obviously miss him now that they have put a ban on him.


For those who love FK, Enjoy all the eye-candy. And haters can just go burn with envy!

1. Fawad Khan’s blockbuster dramas like Humsafar &  Zindagi Gulzar Hai made Indians stay glued to their television screens and moved them to tears!


2. The heartthrob was on India’s most popular director, Karan Johar’s most wanted list! We bet he misses him the most after the ban.


3. Just watch Sonam Kapoor hitting on Pakistan’s King Khan. Totally smitten!


4. Even, Alia Bhatt was swooned by our hottie. Need more proof India?


5.  No Bollywood actor ruled the ramp like Khan did with Deepika! None.


6. If you are wondering who is Sidharth Malhotra’s best friend from Pakistan, it is, of course, the dreamboat Fawad Khan.


7. Fawad Khan actually killed even Ranbir Kapoor’s charm with his swag in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.


8. Every leading Indian magazine wanted our Humsafar hero to grace their front covers.


9. Here is why Indian journalist, Shoba De called Fawad Khan ‘as yummy as those irresistible Lahori kebabs!’


10. India must admit that he gave all Bollywood actors some serious style goals!


He makes every frame look 1000 times sexier! Enough to say that he is the boss in Bollywood!


Hence, proved that India regrets banning this greatness, called Fawad Khan! Boo you, Bollywood!


While he may be banned across the border, Pakistan will always love him to death!

This post originally appeared in Brandsynario.