10 Roles That Prove Akshay Kumar Is The Real Khiladi of Bollywood!


Known for his slick martial arts, comic roles, and Khiladi series, Akshay Kumar turns 49 today! The Canadian-born actor and producer is also husband to diva Twinkle Khanna and son-in-law to the well-known Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia.

To celebrate Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia aka Akshay Kumar’s special day, here are 10 movies to prove he is the real Khiladi of Bollywood!

10 Roles That Prove Akshay Kumar Is The Real Khiladi of Bollywood!

Rowdy Rathode (Thug-turned-Police Officer)

AK’s blockbuster film Rowdy Rathore has earned more than INR 134 cores. The movie shows Akshay in a never-before-seen character of a comedic pickpocket who falls head over heels for his co-star Sonakshi. He then has to adopt a police officer role to bring justice to a little girl whose father looks exactly like him and was killed in the line of duty.

Airlift (Businessman)

Airlift is a war thriller starring Akshay and Nimrat Kaur. AK is an Indian businessman who is willing to go to any extent to gain profits. However, there is an attack in Kuwait and he tells his family to flee until tings settle down, however the situation only gets worse. The story is based on the real-life experience of Mathunny Mathews.

Rustom (Commander)

For Rustom, Akshay adopted a serious role of Commander Rustom Pavri who is on trial for the murder of his wife’s lover. Instead of hiring a lawyer, Pavri decides to take things into his own hands and defend himself. He is on trial in the court with no experience in law, and there is something fishy going on inside his own Navy unit. Is he really innocent?

Housefull 2 (Con Artist)

Housefull 2 is the second installment to the Housefull series by Sajid Khan. The movie is based on two friends who get into an argument over a girl in college and have hated each other for years. They are mistaken for another man by two brothers who want them to get hitched to their daughters. AK adapts a funny-heroic con artist role who will make sure you laugh till the end.

Singh is Bling (Sardar)

Akshay adapts a role of an innocent Sardar who always ends up making his way into trouble. He finds himself in many difficult situations which prove to be bad for him. To teach him a lesson, his father sends him to his friend’s house where he is given the responsibility of a girl who is running away from an underworld don.

Oh My God! (God)

This was one of  the most unique projects for the superstar, who plays God in Oh My God. The story is based on an atheist Hindu antique merchant who decides to sue God for an earthquake that destroyed his shop as was not claimed for under ‘The Act of God’ term.

Jaan-e-Maan (Nerd)

Who would have thought AK would be such a nerd! Sporting huge specs, braces, afro hair, and a macho-less kid, he brought a real laugh when he appeared on the screen. In fact, he turned out to be one of the best parts about the movie!

Gabbar is Back (Vigilante)

Akshay really knows how to play a serious role, when it comes to ending corruption in the government. His role in Gabbar is Back moves back and forth from a professor to a military based operating vigilante who wants to take revenge from a powerful builder and businessman who was involved in his wife’s death.

Hey Baby (Untrained Father)

Have to admit, one of the best roles we have seen Akshay in was the role of a father to the cutest kid on screen in Hey Baby. The story is of a playboy who attends a friend’s wedding, falls in love with a girl, and leaves her. She ends up being the mother of his child, the grandfather sends the child away to Akshay. Not having any experience and living with two other bachelor men, Akshay does not have a single idea what to do next.

Desi Boys (Male Stripper)

We all know AK has a buffed body, consider he is a martial artist, a fitness freak, and works out like all the time. There is no doubt why he was chosen alongside John to play the role of a male stripper in Desi Boyz.

Which Akshay Kumar role do you like best?

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