10 Things We Bet You Did NOT Know About The Movie Janaan!


Promotional activities are in full swing for the cast and crew of upcoming rom-com Janaan as the release seems to be just around the corner. The movie stars Bilal Ashraf, Ali Rehman Khan and Armeena Khan in lead roles. The script has been written by funnyman Osman Khalid Butt.

INSIDE SCOOP: The writer isn’t the only funny person in this movie. Director Azfar Jafri and Producers Imran Kazmi and Hareem Farooq along with the entire Janaan team are just as hilarious!  How do we know? Well, we know stuff when it comes to entertainment!

Okay, humor apart, we sat together and interviewed this amazing lot and got the chance to find out things we can guarantee you do not know! Since we ourselves did not know earlier!

10 Things We Bet You Did NOT Know About The Movie Janaan!



What does the name Janaan mean? Any guesses?

“Janaan basically means beloved,” reveals producer Hareem Farooq. It’s the same in Pushto as what we mean by Jaan in Urdu. Why this particular name? Because they were making a romantic comedy and the name perfectly translated the soft and sweet feeling that the movie is all about.

It is NOT a love triangle, it’s basically a circle revolving around life!

When we asked the filmmakers if it was a love triangle as the trailer suggests, they said it’s not. Janaan is more than what you think it is, in Bilal Ashraf’s words it’s a Bermuda Triangle that you’ll lose yourself in and if we take Armeena’s way of describing, the movie is like an onion, the more you peel the more layers you discover.

The movie will show Pakistan in a positive light!

Pakistani’s especially Pakhtuns are shown in such a negative light that they have to hold boards that state “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.” That is the sad image we have and that is the picture that team Janaan wants to change. “We are as abnormally normal or as normally abnormal or as crazy as everyone else,” says producer Imran Kazmi. Breaking stereotypes is the main aim of Janaan and THIS is how it will contribute to the industry and country. (God bless subtitles, now even the west can make sense and connect to the movie.)

No inspiration has been taken from Bollywood, only singers!

We keep hearing that Pakistani movies are a B grade version of Bollywood. Since Janaan is a movie on Pakistan and Pakistani culture, it had little or nothing to do with Bollywood claim the cast and crew. The movie represents and reflects Pakistan so NO Bollywood element really, other than beautiful voices from across the border.

The Awesome Trio – Bilal kept Armeena healthy while Ali was a great support!

Janaan Trio

We asked Armeena who she thought was a better co-star, Bilal or Ali. She found that question naughty and gave a rather political answer. She said it’s hard to pick as each brings something special to her life. While she claimed Bilal was her go-to person, she said Ali was equally supportive and she couldn’t have asked for a better cast to work with! Bilal kept her healthy by offering her FRUITS on the sets, she further added! (Does that mean Bilal was better? )

Hania Aamir is a SOCIAL MEDIA find!

The others message tab on facebook isn’t always full of creeps is what this particular story reveals! Sometimes it opens doors to a whole new world actually. Hania Aamir is a social media find and the perfect definition of its power. The only acting the upcoming actress used to do was in her room and her medium of self-promotion was Dubsmash! Do not believe us? Watch the video for yourself. Producer Imran Kazmi facebook messaged Hania and was completely IGNORED!

Usman Mukhtar says he has a bad voice, Ali Rehman claims to be camera shy, while Bilal Ashraf just bursts with energy!

We asked the cast to name their favorite song and sing two lines as well. Bilal sang like a pro while the others shied away. We also asked the same question to the director and producers and the results were amazing! The level of commitment that the director Azfar Jafri has was totally worth the appreciation! Give a listen to the team perform on their fav Pushto song!

The comparison between the IndoPak twins Bilal Ashraf and Sidharth Malhotra

We asked Bilal if he thought he looked like Bollywood’s Sidharth Malthora and the actor said no he doesn’t, however now that everyone’s saying, he’ll have to go home and check if he does! On the other hand producer, Hareem Farooq joked, “Actors ko sarr per nahi charatey!” while Imran Kazmi proudly stated that our Pakistani property is hotter and better!

Hareem Farooq’s experience as a producer taught her about pressure!

Hareem has worked both in front of the camera and behind the camera now, so we asked her which role does she like better. The actor turned producer replied that it’s tough to choose since both the jobs cannot be compared. However, she claims she learnt the technical side and understood the pressure better as a producer. We asked her if she was strict on the sets, she admitted that she was where she had to be, just like everyone else who is committed to their job.

Team Jaanan’s message to the audience – Come watch the movie, you might even get some FREE nachos!

Janaan is a family movie full of surprises – Osman Khalid Butt’s special appearance being only one of the many! Take your entire family and support the effort behind the making. We mentioned that three movies will be competing against each other at the box office this eid to which Hareem jokingly replied “Ab maza aye ga!”. While on a serious note the makers of the movie asked the viewers to support all 3 and play their part in the growth of the industry.

Here’s Janaan’s message for the audience:

Let’s hope for some real entertainment and tough competition at the box office this Eid!

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