10 Things You Didn’t Know About Neelam Muneer


Pakistani model and actress Neelam Muneer has been at the center of everyone’s eyes ever since she made her film debut. She joined the industry in her teenage years, and is now one of the top actresses of Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

However, we bet you do not know these ten things about her:

1. Nickname:

Neelam Muneer has two sisters and they call her “Neeli”. Pretty cute, right?


2. Bangs!

While growing up, almost all of us can admit to have cut bangs just to see how it looks on us. Well, the Chupan Chupai actress also loved it!

3. Sports:

Neelum Muneer’s favorite sport to play is basket ball. She always prefers playing the sports when she’s with her friends.

4. Traveling:

She absolutely LOVES to travel and no matter what country it is, she wouldn’t miss the chance.

5. Hobbies:

She likes reading books, gossiping with her friends, and wait for it.. Dancing! (Duh)

6. Her Birthplace:

Neelam Muneer was born on 20th of March, 1992 in Karachi and belongs to a Pakhtoon family from Mardan.

7. She does not believe in dating before marriage:

She believes that it doesn’t suit a girl to get into a relationship until she is sure that she will marry the man. She revealed that she’s quite happy by working hard on her roles and as for marriage, she still has no plans for it.

8. She admires Imran Khan and loves cricket!

Good news for cricket fans as the actress loves cricket and is a huge fan of Imran khan. Picture’s the proof!

9. Her Family:

Even though her family belongs to a conservative culture, it is very supportive of her. They are also proud that she is making such a nice progress in her career.

10. Her love for Acting:

Despite how busy her schedule gets and how tired she is, her love for acting always pulls her through.

You go, girl!

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