10 Things That Moray Saiyaan Needs To Explain Right Now!


Moray Saiyaan is an ARY Digital drama which is also a debut for the youngest Jaswal, Uzair, and model Neha Rajpoot. The cast also features Firdous Jamal, Israa Ghazal, Kinza Hashmi, Ali Kazmi and Aisha Tor.

The story of the drama revolves around Zubairia and Ghaziyan played by Neha Rajpoot and Uzair Jawal, respectively. Ghaziyan is expected to marry his cousin Nimra (Kinza Hashmi) but falls in love with Zubairia. The family is already going through some complicated issues and despite that Ghaziyan must fight for his love and woo Zubairia off her feet.

The show is on their 10th episode and I had quite a few queries in my mind because to be honest, the drama was confusing AF!

1. Aunty, how is this girl’s complexion ‘not fair’?

The show introduces the characters of Nimra (daughter) and Zakia (mother), where Zakia says ‘Badminton khel khel k apna rang bhi kharab karlia hai’.

2. Why is Uzair Jaswal always in a suit?

I mean, majority of the time we see Ghaziyan in a suit when it’s not even required. Y tho?

3. Is Neha Rajpoot the next Kristen Stewart?

You’ll know what I mean when you see the show.

4. Why is everyone dressed to perfection?

Whether it’s Gul Zaib or any one of the girls, they are a little too well dressed when they are trying to be casual.

5. Why do they speak like a poet from the 19th Century?

For example watch from 13.45 to 15.00

6. Why is Zakia so annoying?

She asserts that she wants Ghaziyan and Nimra to get married and then gets mad at grown-up adults for making their own choices?! What a preposterous concept of people making decisions of their free will!

7. Is there no doctor in the hospital other than Dr Farah Altamash?

I mean, for the first time I heard a Dr Imran but other than that, no sign of any other doctor.

8. What are their relations? Are they all cousins or not?

Nimra is Ghaziyan’s phuppo ki beti and Zubairia is Nimra’s phuppo ki beti. Gul Zaib is Nimra and Ghaziyan’s khala but Zubairia’s mami. [Spoiler Alert] Altamash is Nimra’s step-brother!–Sab sar pe se guzar gaya!

Mai tau sirf Khana khaney aaya tha! #weddings #MoraySaiyaan

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9. Why does everyone in the background look do dead on the inside?

I mean, I know they are fillers, but when Nimra refuses to marry Ghaziyan and walks off, NO ONE REACTS! Except the aunty on the right.

10. And, jbtw, if your Saiyaan gives you tannay, then said saiyaan doesn’t deserve you.


That pace of the show is a little slow since we waited 10 episodes to actually find out quite a few things. However, as much as I find the show annoying, I am still begrudgingly following the show. So stay tuned for more updates!