10 Times Ayyan Proved She Loves Herself WAY Too Much!

ayyan model

Model turned singer Ayyan Ali has drawn a lot of attention in media due to various reasons. While the crowd holds a divided opinion about her, she sure knows how to grab the limelight. After all, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity.  We present to you 10 shades of Ayyan Ali:

1. The one where she made everyone jealous with her awesome bod:

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Ayyan Signs 1 Crore Deal With American Singer Ali Zaman!

2. The one where she gave fellow models a run for their money:

3. The one where she unveiled her altruistic side at Edhi Foundation Centre:

4. The one where she was invited as guest speaker at Karachi University:

5. The one where she flew in style:

6. The one where she enlightened us with a bit of general (parrot) knowledge:

7. The one where she proved to be  the Jack of all trades:

8. The one where she stole the show with Omar Borkan Al Gaka (the hunk everybody went gaga over):

9. The one where she starred in our favorite Ufone commercial:

10. The one where she gave us travel goals:


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