10 Times Fahad Mustafa Won Pakistan With His Unique Roles


Fahad Mustafa is a household name. His game show Jeeto Pakistan is widely popular and watched by many. He has also starred in many successful dramas as well as making his film debut in Na Maloom Afraad. Talent runs in the family as his father is the veteran actor Salahuddin Tunio. Like father like son, huh?

Here is a list of 10 times Fahad Mustafa wowed us with his versatility.

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon


Fahad Mustafa plays a simple-minded, socially awkward character that goes through many changes because the people around him are trying to influence him and run his life. Fahad was great in his role. He made us like the character and feel empathy for him.

Mera Saeen 2


In this political drama, Fahad Mustafa plays the rich, spoilt son of a feudal lord and politician. Fahad Mustafa really brought life to this manipulative, driven and evil character that made us really dislike him but couldn’t turn away.

Mera Humrahi


Fahad Mustafa plays Ahmed; a kind, patient and levelheaded man in this drama. He marries a girl his brother rejected to save her honor. The marriage is tumultuous in the start, but Ahmed wins Haniya’s trust and love. Fahad Mustafa was really sweet in this role.



In this drama,Fahad Mustafa plays Sikandar, an abusive husband who hits and insults his wife leading to a divorce. Fahad’s depiction of Sikandar as a man who was impulsive and let his temper get the best of him was believable and real.

Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si


Here the actor plays Mohsin the son of Ruqaiyya, a son who marries a girl but is influenced by his mother to slowly come to resent his wife and start abusing her. Fahad Mustafa was deeply immersed in the role and it showed. His acting was superb.

Na Maloom Afraad

Fahad Mustafa plays Farhan, a struggling insurance agent down on his luck. He finally decides to take the immoral route to make money so that he can marry his love interest, Naina. Fahad delivers a strong performance in his film debut and Farhan was an easy character to like and emphasize with.

Mah e Mir


Fahad Mustafa plays Jamal, a struggling poet who is going through a rough patch. In his mind he draws comparison between himself and Mir and the trials and tribulations Mir went through. The character is at times moody, insufferable and abrasive and at times we see the passionate genius that he is. Fahad Mustafa was brilliant in this role.

Jago Pakistan Jago


Jago Pakistan Jago, was Fahad’s first morning show on Hum TV. He hosted the show well; being a warm, welcome and engaging host. He kept the show interesting without going overboard. He left to pursue other work in 2014.

Jeeto Pakistan


Fahad Mustafa is hosting this family game show on ARY Digital. The show is widely popular with people coming in from all over the country to watch and participate. Fahad is lively, witty, mischievous and often very kind and generous. The show is a huge success.



Fahad Mustafa also owns a production house and acts in a lot of the dramas being made by his production house. They are also set to produce films in the future.

Fahad  is a talented and hardworking individual who has achieved success in his career and we can bet he is set to achieve even greater heights. We wish you the best of luck Fahad!

Contributed by : Sara Tariq