10 Times Fawad Khan Proved He’s King Of Entertainment!


Fawad Khan is perhaps one of the biggest names in the Pakistani entertainment industry. That’s no surprise considering how talented the man is; he is an accomplished actor, a remarkable singer, a much sought-after model and did we mention good looking? If not, then we should, because he is.

What we admire the most about Fawad Khan however, is his versatility as an entertainer.

Here are our top picks where Fawad Khan has proved he is truly the King of Entertainment

Khuda Kay Liye

khuda ke liye
Fawad Khan made his cinematic debut playing Sarmad, the younger brother in the movie, Khuda Ke Liye. The actor was great in this role. He added just the right amount of vulnerability and intensity to his character making us like and hate the character at the same time.


Fawad Khan portrays the son of a wealthy family, who is forced to marry his cousin on his father’s insistence. He plays a modern, well-cultured and kind individual and his acting was very well received by critics.

Akbari Asghari

Fawad Khan plays a greedy villager intent on marrying his cousin for her money. He was hilarious in the role and we surely had a few good laughs watching him.


He plays an elegant, dashing and rather snobby son of a noble in his Bollywood debut. For many, he was what made the movie stand out and we wholeheartedly agree.

Kapoor and Sons

kapoor and sons
Once again captivating us from across the border, Fawad Khan plays a writer in this Indian family drama. The twist is that he is also a closeted homosexual. It is one of his more controversial roles, but Fawad Khan does not disappoint in his acting splendor.

Fawad Khan as an endorser of Clear shampoo

Fawad Khan appears in a Clear ad with Ileana D’Cruz . Looking sophisticated and polished, he dances and sings and totally convinces us to buy Clear shampoo for our dandruff needs.

Fawad Khan as an endorser of Oye Hoye Chips

Fawad Khan stars as the geeky daydreamer who is crazy for Oye Hoye Chips. He had us cracking up as we watched the ad campaign starring the lovable actor. If you can make us enjoy advertisement breaks as an actor, you are definitely doing something right.

Entity Paradigm

He was one of the lead singers of the band, Entity Paradigm. And boy, can he sing and rock a concert. EP had some of the best concerts in their day and we still remember the ones we attended fondly. He left the band in 2012 to focus on his acting career but even to this day if EP were to hold a concert with Fawad Khan as the singer, we can guarantee it would be a smashing hit.

Lux Style Awards

Fawad Khan -lux style awards
Fawad Khan hosted the Lux Style awards in 2008 with Ali Azmat and Shaan, and again in 2015 with Mahira Khan. He seemed like a fresh face in 2008, but in the 2015 awards, we saw the Fawad Khan we’ve grown to love: elegant, handsome and oh so charmingly witty.

International Indian Film Academy Awards

Fawad delighted, wooed and entertained the audience and fans alike with his antics on stage and his banter with Karan Jauhar as they hosted a segment of the IIFA awards together. Needless to say, he made a very favorable impression and the crowd seemed mesmerized by him.

Fawad has played a number of roles, characters, personalities; we have seen him in sophisticated get ups and silly attires; we have heard him sing and seen him act and he continues to wow us endlessly.
Kudos King Khan, you make us proud.

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Contributed by: Sara Tariq