10 Times Female Singers Ruled Coke Studio


The holy grail of Pakistani music scene is to locate a platform that generates enough commercial and critical success. Well, Coke Studio is an apparent winner when it comes to the modern entertainment business. Women in the Pakistani music industry are challenging social norms to carve a niche for themselves and upcoming female artists in the industry.

Across past 8 seasons and the 9th ongoing season of Coke Studio, women who performed all together gave edgy yet melodious and inspiration performances. These women are not just beautiful faces but real talent that we as Pakistanis must boast and brag about.

We have exclusively arranged for you 10 times women rocked Pakistani music scene:

Afreen Afreen, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Momina Mustehsan, Episode 2, Coke Studio 9

One of the best songs produced by India and Pakistan together was sung by very talented Pakistani-Canadian singer, Momina Mustehsan alongside Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. You already have a version of Afreen singing Afreen Afreen. I don’t really understand the criticism. No, really?

Umair Jaswal & Quratulain Balouch, Sammi Meri Waar, Coke Studio Season 8, Episode 2

Sammi Meri Waar was one of the songs last season that received much criticism because of Umair Jaswal. He failed to deliver his magic while Quratulain Baloch’s strong vocals overshadowed him. Later QB was appreciated by masses.

Meesha Shafi, Sunn Ve Balori, Coke Studio Season 7, Episode 3

Sun Ve Balori Akh Waliya is originally sung by Noor Jehan and sung by Meesha Shafi for Coke Studio. Meesha’s powerful vocals took masses into a state of ecstasy as she paid tribute to the legend.

Gul Panrra & Atif Aslam, Man Aamadeh Am, Coke Studio, Season 8, Episode 3

Golden girl, Gul Panrra is the only girl who managed to carve her name into the hearts of people alongside the singing sensation, Atif Aslam. She stole many hearts with her voice and innocent looks.

Zoheb Hasan & Zoe Viccaji, Jaana, Coke Studio Season 7, Episode 6

Brilliantly re-arranged from the original, Jaana is such a soothing tune. Originally sung by queen of pop, Nazia Hassan and Zohed Hasan. Zoe brought back life to the song and tears in many eyes.

Farida Khanum, Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo, Coke Studio Season 8, Episode 7

Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo is such a classical tune from the 80s. Generations have sung the song after Farida Khanumji but none have touched the depths and heights as she did. We assure you that this rendition will make your soul sing.

Abida Parveen, Dost, Coke Studio Season 7, Episode 3

Abida Parveen is a living legend. Dost is a kalaam that dismisses the previously romanticized pain and suffering of the transient world. Abida’s voice will surely bring you closer to the divine.

Samra Khan & Asim Azhar, Hina Ki Khushbu, Coke Studio, Season 8, Episode 5

Samra Khan alongside Asim Azhar paid tribute to Noor Jahan in the previous season. The song received mixed to positive responses from media while masses adored Samra for her attempt.

Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan, Zeb Bangash, Episode 1, Coke Studio 9

Such a happy song! Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan would’ve been incomplete without Zeb Bangash. Zeb bagged Best Live Act Award at MTV Music Awards in 2009.

Daanah Pah Daanah, Akhtar Chanal Zahri & Komal Rizvi, Coke Studio Season 3

Komal Najam is the only female singer who has been featured twice on the top 10 all time hits of Coke Studio. The song is originally written and composed by Zahri. The song sings praises for the province of Baluchistan which was delivered  brilliantly by both of them.

Kudos to the team of Coke Studio for providing a platform for women to show off their talent. Let us know your favourite from the list in the comment box below.

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