10 Times Hamza Ali Abbasi Became A Victim Of Controversy


Hamza Ali Abbasi is well known, not just for his acting, directing and modeling skills, but because he is in the headlines almost every other day, being a victim of controversies. The 32-year-old  is very open about his thoughts and views on the popular network, Facebook, where he has over 3,650,000 followers. Despite having a huge fan following, many of his posts are targeted and turned into flaming hot controversies.

Served Legal Notice by Punjab Government for False Rumors

Yesterday, 31 August, Hamza Abbasi received a legal notice by the government of Punjab becase he was ‘spreading false rumors about 900 children being kidnapped’. To this, Hamza posted a status, claiming that if the information he has shared about the kidnappings are false, reputed newspapers and news channels should get their facts right because being a common man means getting this information from such sources.

Resignation as PTI Culture Secretary

After wrapping up the shoot for Hamza’s venture ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’, he posted a status on Facebook explaining that even though he is humble to everyone who supported the movie, there were a few concerns he had, which lead to his decision of retiring as Culture Secretary. He explained:


Same-Sex Marriage

Last year in June, the US approved the law for same sex marriages, after the LGBT community demanded equal rights. To celebrate this, Facebook rolled out a rainbow filter, which made many curious as to what was really going on. After the news came forth, Hamza once again took it to Facebook to share his thoughts:

Feud with Imaan Mazari

After Hamza posted his thoughts on one of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter, Imaan Mazari, daughter of PTI’s spokesperson, Shireen Mazari, declared war with one another because of the clash in their thoughts. While Hamza voted against, Imaan voted in support. She tweeted that she reported his Facebook page for hate speech against the LGBT community. To this, Hamza and Imaan both exchanged harsh thoughts with one another

 Music is Not Haram

In a status he uploaded in May 2015, the actor cum model wrote he refused to believe that Allah banned music and art.

Thrashed Adnan Sami Over Indian Nationality

Everyone knows that despite belonging to a Pashtun father and Kashmiri mother, with Pakistani, Indian, and Afghani roots, Adnan has always thought of himself as an Indian. Thus, he appealed to receive the nationality of one.

Called Pakistani Movies “Cheap Copy of Bollywood”

The controversial star did it once again when he called Pakistani movies a “cheap copy of Bollywood.” According to Indian Express, Hamza commented about the Pakistani movie industry not having anything to entertain its audience.
According to him “With this new film industry, we have a chance to make it a distinct medium of representation instead of trying to be a cheap copy of Bollywood.”

“TV dramas are our only representation across the globe. Our identity is brilliantly represented in TV dramas. I think our film industry need not learn from Bollywood ‘masala’ films, but from our drama industry. Our actors become really big in Bollywood and then they become a bit inaccessible and a delicacy for Pakistan.”

Responded to Saif Ali Khan

In 2015, Saif Ali Khan made a bold statement, claiming that the B-town star did not have faith in Pakistan, to this Hamza shared a post and responded to the star.

Legal Notice Against The News International

Hamza took it to Facebook to clear the allegations The News International made on his behalf, according to him. In a post he shared, he openly told his fans that he did not give statements against Fawad Khan, Junaid Jamshed, or Maya Ali and that the news was bogus. Thus, he will take action against the media forum.

Many individuals responded negatively, claiming that this post was nothing but a hoax and a cheap publicity stunt by the actor just to gain fame in the spotlight.

Facebook Deactivated his Account over Kashmir Issue

When the Kashmir issue was on heights, Hamza shared a post about a young man named Burhan Wani Shaheed, who was killed by the opposite army while fighting for freedom. According to Hamza, the boy was a hero not a terrorist or a part of ISI.

However, this post was deleted from Facebook, irritated, Hamza made a statement saying, “I just think for an organization which claims to bear the flag of freedom of expression, this is sheer hypocrisy. I will keep raising my voice for our Kashmiri brothers and sisters that is if I get access to my account again!”

Once again, this stirred up a major controversy amongst his fans.

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