10 Times Pakistani Celebs’ Instagram Posts Left Us Craving For Food!


If there is anything that can either create wars or bring peace with the same intensity, it has to be FOOD! Humans, as well as animals, can unite at this particular statement. The love for food can bring the world together and the need for food (hunger) can make them fight each other. Even our most flawless Pakistani Celebs’ with the most drool worthy figures can not keep their hands off tempting food!

10 Times Pakistani Celebs’ Instagram Posts Left Us Craving For Food!

We scanned our fav Pakistani Celebs’ Instagram accounts to pick the meals that made our tummies growl and mouths water.

We’re famished just looking at Mahira Khan’s irresistible burger, fries, and soda combo!

Can't resist burger.fries.soda combo! ??? #shakeshack #somebodystopme

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This meal is Ali Zafar’s lobster!! Food is truly the truest love and soulmate.

Burgers and lobsters.

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Oh, and not to forget. Ali does not share food! 

My secret diet for a 6 pack. DO NOT share!

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Mawra Hocane’s Pasta and this pretty view seems perfect, doesn’t it?


Ayesha Omar’s Pizza post gave us a major pizza craving! (We won’t be impressed with technology until we can download food)


Meesha Shafi’s traditional Indian thali looks colourful, flavorful, mouth-watering and hard to resist!

Yummy thaali but….. Still missing me some botis #sorrynotsorry #india #foodie

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Are these curly fries the secret to Sohai’s perfect curves? Ordering some extra fries right away! (Wouldnt it be something if you discovered fries actually made you thin?)

Yummy in my tummy?? #LAstory

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Fahad Mustafa’s handmade jalaibees anyone?

Mere hathon ki jalebi … Who want some ?QMOb#Day 2#packup

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Umair Jaswal’s treat to his tummy and our eyes! “Zalima thora humain bhi khila dey!”

Momina Mustehsan killing it with good looking food! Sorry Momina, you’re not prettier than that meal!

Ate a heart-attack with @mahimnvd #ihop #ILOVEFOOD

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Are you hungry yet? Cause we are!

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