10 Viral Dialogues From Iconic Pakistani Movies And Dramas


Our booming entertainment industry has been producing phenomenal dramas and films these couple of years. So far we have quite a considerable list of exceptional projects that have amazing plots and most importantly, awesome dialogues.

Here is a list of one-liners from some of the most prominent Pakistani TV serials and movies. Which not only have they been going viral all over the internet but also nailing iconic memes.

1. “Help me Durdana”

Humayun Saeed’s iconic line from the highest grossing film Punjab Nahi Jaungi was recently trending on the internet. Becoming the most widespread meme, “help me Durdana” was every PNJ fan’s obsession.

2. “Meray tou maa baap bhi nahi hai”

Whether you have watched Mann Mayal or not, you have definitely heard/seen this dialogue in memes or on social media. Jeena’s life crisis somehow became everyone’s problem and subject of the most hilarious posts ever!

3. “Abay phaar loge, ya phaarne bhi mai au” 

The highlight of Na Maloom Afraad was definitely Saleem Mairaj’s cameo and this short exchange with Fahad Mustafa and Javed Shaikh. If you have watched the film, you are probably laughing out loud right now!

4. “Mummi ye aap kya keh rahi hai?”

Mahira Khan’s heartbreaking line in the famous drama Humsafar is still the most iconic tagline ever. Come to think of it, this is the longest trending dialogue we have ever witnessed! Six years and counting…

5. “Naina, hamei rape hone se bachna hoga”

Newcomer Hania Aamir is here to stay, proof being in this hilarious dialogue from Na Maloom Afraad 2 that’s been cracking everyone upFirst lead role in a film and our young star already has an awesome tagline!

6. “Kya aap mujhse naraz hai?”

The highest rated drama Yaqeen Ka Safar is everyone’s new obsession. The latest posts on the internet were all about this one cute line that Ahad Raza Mir says to Sajal Ali. Since it marks the beginning of their beautiful love story.

7. “Idher tou aa, mere pyare Afzal!”

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani had many iconic dialogues that everyone still quotes! But this particular reference to Humza Ali Abbasi’s role in Pyare Afzal by Humayun Saeed was just hilarious.

8. “Burqay wali ko aur ghor se dekhtay hai. Curiosity, kay andar kya hai!”

The legendary film Actor In Law was definitely something the film industry will never forget. This dialogue between Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa was so true it became a funny iconic line to quote everywhere… forever.

9. “Tu dekhi, aik din na, teri beti ka bhi bara naam hoga”

This is Saba Qamar’s heartwarming line in the drama serial Baaghi. Based on the true story of Pakistan’s controversial internet sensation Qandeel Baloch, the dialogue has so many layers to it – it’s insane.

10. “Jab khela nai sakte toh paida kiyu karte ho?”

Humaima Malik’s most iconic line representing the dark side of our society was spoken towards the end of the brilliant film, Bol. The dialogue undoubtedly deserves to be listed here.

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