10-Year Challenge: Pakistani Celebrities Post Their Mind-Blowing Transformation


The 10-year challenge has now become the latest social media craze in which people are sharing their transformation in ten years.

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The challenge is currently doing all rounds on the internet and unsurprisingly, a number of Pakistani celebrities have taken part in it while leaving us awestruck with their transformation.

Take a look at how our celebrities have changed over the year.

Disclaimer: Prepare your eyes for what is coming next!  

Ali Kazmi:

The Baaghi actor left all of us shocked by his transformation and we must say, his game has only gotten stronger over the years.

Amna Baber:

The supermodel Amna Baber also shared her before-and-after picture through her social media accounts and now we are all desperate to know her secrets of that glow up!

Armeena Rana Khan:

The Janaan actress proves just how much the right hair color can change your overall look.

That GLOW-up is very real though! 

Komal Rizvi:

The Coke Studio singer Komal Rizvi made some serious wardrobe upgrade for herself and hey, we are just loving that.

Uzair Jaswal

The Pakistani rock-star Uzair Jaswal has really upped his glam game!

Pakistani Celebrities 10-Year Challenge

Hamza Firdous 

The Ghughi actor Hamza Firdous just left us all confused with his transformation!

Pakistani Celebrities 10-Year Challenge

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