11 Pakistani Celebrity Weddings That Happened In 2016


Give us a beautifully decorated hall, some bhangra music, women in beautiful dresses and men looking dashing in their suits or crisp shalwar kameezes and we have ourselves a successful wedding. Oh,  and let’s not forget the delicious food! After all, half the people at the wedding come only for that.

Glittering lights and radiant smiles, weddings are a magical event…all things gone wrong aside. And boy, do they go wrong…but we digress. This year, many of our favorite celebs tied the knot and as the year draws to a close, let’s take a look at all the ones that let go of their single status for marital bliss.

1. Sanam Jang and Abdul Qassam Jafri

Sanam Jang is an actress and talk show host and Abdul Qassam Jafri, is a certified flight instructor Alpha Tango Flying Services in San Antonio,United States. The two dated since 2012 before getting married in January, 2016. The two also welcomed a little baby girl in November, 2016. Congratulations, both of you! Hope you both have a long, happy marriage.

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2. Dr Fazeela Abbasi

Dr Fazeela Abbasi is a renowned dermatologist, appearing in many morning shows as a guest and is also Hamza  Abbasi’s sister which makes her something of a celeb herself. She got married in August 2016. Many famous people attended her wedding, along with Imran Khan.  We wish you joy and happiness, Dr Fazeela.

3. Rubya Chaudhry and Meekal Hasan

Famous model and actress, Rubya Chaudhry and acclaimed musician Meekal Hasan tied the knot in August.  It surprised many as it wasn’t widely known that the two were dating.  However, when their friends started congratulating the two on their social media, it became known the two had gotten married. We wish you a happy and successful marriage, you two.

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4. Furqan Qureshi and Sabrina Naqvi

Furqan Qureshi is a talented actor who has appeared in a number of television dramas such as ‘Chubbhun’ and ‘Goya’. The beautiful Sabrina Naqvi is a successful model herself. The two look radiant in their Nikkah pictures which was a private event. We wish the gorgeous couple a very happy life.

5. Nouman Javed and Jana Malik

It is reported that Nouman’s Javed’s year started out badly, after a bad patch in his marriage with Fariha Parvez, the singer attempted suicide. However, fate had others plans for him and not only did he survive but he met the love of his life a few months later. Jana Malik and Nouman Javed got married in a private ceremony in September and are now as happy as anyone can be. God bless you two!


6. Noor Bukhari and Wali Khan

Noor bukhari is a popular talk show host and actress and Wali khan is a well known classical singer. The two had apparently kept the news of their marriage a secret from the public for two years but in November they made the news public. We wish you both a long, happy marriage!

7. Anam Fayyaz and Asad Anwar

The young and talented Anam Fayyaz got married to Asad Anwar, a London-based friend.  Anam is a successful actress appearing in several dramas. The ceremony was a very hush-hush affair, with only a few close friends and family members invited. She looks beautiful in her wedding pictures. We wish you the best in your marriage and life, Anam!

8. Affan Waheed

Affan Waheed is a well known actor who has acted in several drama serials.  He is quite a fan favorite for delivering magnificent performances whether doing a positive or a negative role. His wedding was a grand affair with many famous celebs such as Laila Zuberi, Sania Saeed and Asma Abbass attending the ceremony.  We wish the happy couple success and happiness in their future.

9. Sana Ansari

Sana Ansari is an uprising star. She has acted in several ads and is making a name for herself in the modeling industry as well.  She tied the knot with her husband in March. The bride looks gorgeous and her radiant smile lights up the whole photograph.  Best of Luck for your future Sana, we wish you lots of joy.

10. Anoushay Abbasi and Ainan Arif Abbasi

Anoushay  Abbasi, the daughter of Nahid Abbasi, is a famous actress and she got married to the son of actress Rubina, Ainan Arif Abbasi. The marriage was a big event with many celebrities attending.  The bride looks beautiful and happy in her pictures and the groom too.  Wish you both the best.

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11. Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

Last but not the least, the hot and happening couple Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed got hitched on the 18th of December. The couple had been dating for quite some time and their relationship was openly witnessed by the public eye. The finally tied the knot in a grand celebration in Lahore. Happy marriage, you two!

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This year was rife with happy unions and it is a pleasure to see joyful faces and celebration of love.  Of course for us, we enjoy celeb watching anyway! Good luck to all you newlyweds. May you all have happiness and success in your futures!

Contributed by Sara Tariq