12 Celebrities Who Got Famous By Their Stage Names


There’s always a ‘Bubbly Khala’ or a ‘Baby Phuppo’ in a family whose real name remains unknown. The phenomenon of using nick names instead of real names cannot be explained in simpler terms. No one really knows why shunning a real name is quite common in the country. However, we still love calling people with their alternative names. In the same fashion, a lot of Pakistani actors have adopted different stage names which have now become a prominent part of their personality.

Here’s a list of actors who are living their ‘life as a celebrity’ under an alternative name. A couple of entries may be surprising for you.

1. Saba Qamar Zaman                                

Technically, Saba hasn’t changed her name but abridged it. Her maiden name is: Sabahat Qamar Zaman. No one knows why she opted for a shorter name. Shayad ID card form mein boxes kam thay! 😉

2. Reema Khan

The Lollywood diva, Reema Khan, entered the film industry with an alternative name. The name of charismatic actress is not ‘Reema’, but its rhyming, ‘Samina’. No kidding!

3. Nadeem Baig

Veteran actor Nadeem Baig is also part of #TeamAlternativeNames. His real name is Mirza Nazeer Baig Mughal. Quite heavy, isn’t it? Thanks Nadeem for condensing it down!

4. Shaan Shahid

The most versatile actor of Pakistan, Shaan Shahid, has not been using his real name for the film industry. The birth name of the actor is Armaghan Shahid. No doubt, his actual name has its own ‘shaan’.

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5. Veena Malik

Following the traits of her counterparts, Zahida –oops I mean Veena –also chose to use a stage name. Veena’s actual name is Zahida Malik.


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6. Sami Khan

The 21st century ‘chocolate hero’, Sami Khan, is hiding a lot behind his innocent face.  Geez, nothing serious, just a little alteration in his name. The Pakistani actor’s real name is Mansoor Ali Khan. Sami for Mansoor –well played! ^_^

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7. Noor

Beautiful actress Noor is as vibrant as her name, but this is not what her real name is. Noor’s real name is Soniya Mughal.

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8. Meera

Notorious Meera Ji of the Pakistani film industry is not using her actual name in the film industry. The actress’s real name is Irtiza Rubab, but she opted for a classier and a little ‘English-y’ name, ‘Meera’.

9. Raheem Shah

Famous singer Raheem Shah’s real name is Muhammad Khan. Both the names compliment the singer’s persona.

10. Nabeel


Nahi maaji”.


“Nahi maaji”.


“Arey nahi maaji!”

“Hain?!? Phir bhalla is ka naam kia hai?”

“Maaaji, Nadeem.”

If you think you were having the Momo memory all along, relax a bit because it isn’t the case. Nabeel is not the real name of the ‘Nabeel’ of Bulbulay. Although the actor earned fame with the name, Nabeel; his real name is Nadeem Zafar. O Shabaashayy!

The two entries below are the one that I found surprising:

11. Maya Ali

YES! Maya is not the real name of the actress. The real name of the actress is Maryam Tanveer Ali. Thou too Manno?


12. Ayeza Khan

More surprising than the foregoing entry, Ayeza Khan’s real name is Kinza Khan.

So, how many do you know of before? Actors have multiple reasons of using alternative names and I guess we shouldn’t ponder over it much. After all, according to Shakespeare, ‘What’s in a name?’

Contributed by Aimen Siddique