12 Very Filmi Expressions Of Everyday Situations



The entertainment industry is nothing without its beautiful and talented actresses.  India and Pakistan, both the countries, are blessed with some amazing talent. Their beauty is acknowledged throughout the world and to be honest, their expressions are to die for! There’s no role, no emotion they cannot portray and their characters never die in the hearts of their fans.

Have you ever imagined how these actresses will react to situations we (ordinary people) deal with in our daily lives? Well, we did! So, we decided to put together some situations that we go through on a daily basis to explain how these actresses will react towards them.


Here are 12 very filmi expressions of everyday situations.

When your parents ask you about your grades.

When the weekend ends.

When someone tells you, ‘you are getting fat’.


When you spot your boyfriend talking to his Ex.

When your crush looks at you.


When someone asks you, ‘when are you getting married?’

When you are trying to cook.


When you have your morning tea/coffee.

When you are trying to be nice to your terrible boss.

When you look at your Ex’s new girlfriend.

When someone asks you to share food.

When your friend tags you in a bad photo.

Aren’t these ladies just mind-blowing? Their expressions will fit in every situation. No wonder they are popular worldwide for their good looks and talent.

If you have any other situation that we can add on to this list then let us know.