15 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Faces With Plastic Surgery


It’s not easy to look good all the time. We assume that celebrities live an amazing life, but in reality, they work very hard to maintain that glamour in their lives.

Imagine going out to grocery and there are cameras following you from everywhere. You can’t even step out in your PJs or else, the very next day, there’s news about you looking tired and gloomy because you weren’t dressed properly. This is the kind of life celebrities live! There’s so much pressure to look good all the time that they opt for different surgeries and procedures.

We are not against plastic surgeries nor we are trying to mock anyone here. Celebrities who have opted for it, it’s their own choice, but plastic surgery is serious stuff and should not be taken lightly.

Many celebs have gone under the knife; for some, it had brilliant results and for others, unfortunately, it ruined their faces.

Here we have compiled a list of celebrities who ruined their faces with plastic surgery.


Ayesha Takia


Anushka Sharma


Mishi Khan

Pakistani Drama Celebrities

Lindsey Lohan

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Esha Deol

Bollywood Tabloid

Sadia Imam


Koena Mitra


Fiza Ali


Minissha Lamba


Sara Loren

Lifestyle Hits

Pamela Anderson

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Amina Haq


Kangna Ranaut

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan

Purple Clover

Hadiqa Kiani


These were some examples of plastic surgery gone wrong. What we are trying to say here is that if you really, really want to have plastic surgery than please don’t go for a bad or cheaper one.

If you have any more examples to add to this list then let us know.