15 Pakistani Celebrities Who Have Absolute Killer Smiles!


Whats the first thing you notice about someone? A smile. A smile from the right person will make your heart skip a beat or have you melting into a mushy puddle in no time. Our Pakistani celebrities are hot as ever but some of them have killer smiles that shoot love arrows straight through out hearts!


Here are 10 celebrities who have absolutely qaatilana smiles.

1. Fawad Khan


2. Sanam Jung

The ever famous host #sanamjung of #jagopakistanjago is coming back on the show soon

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3. Mahira Khan 

Thank you for the love, right back at ya ✌?️? #400K

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4. Mehwish Hayat

5. Bilal Ashraf

6. Neelum Muneer

Shooting #Pakeeza #iceproduction #geoentertainment Wordrobe/Styling @mansoorakramcoutureofficial @aminayasmeenofficial

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7.  Ali Rehman Khan

Happy New Year! From #Vienna #AliRehmanKhan

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8. Maya Ali


9. Feroze Khan

#fk @iumairbinnisar

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10 Ali Zafar

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11. Zhalay

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12. Momina Mustehsan

Always on the run.. ? ?? @pepejeanspakistan

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13. Osman Khalid Butt

Day two of shooting. 'Sup. #SaqibMalik #bankerboi

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14. Zahid Ahmed


15. Ainy Jaffri

Shoot photo ???? #fashionshoot #photoshoot #frchallenge

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Which celebrity smile do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.