15 Pakistani Celebrities Who Died Young


Death is inevitable. It is an integral part of the circle of life. However, when someone dies young, the pain of their absence is more severe. Over the years, the Pakistan film industry has lost a number of its young stars. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

1. Waheed Murad

The actor and producer, Waheed Murad, was the McDreamy of the Pakistani film industry. The ‘chocolate hero’ has quite a few blockbusters to his name and his charisma on and off-screen made him lovable among fans.


Unfortunately, at the age of 46, Waheed Murad passed away due to a heart attack. Murad reportedly slept while chewing on a ‘paan’ – the combination of betel leaf and nuts. With him, Murad took away the spark of the Pakistani cinema.

2. Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan became a household name in the 80’s as her beautiful voice captured the hearts of almost every Pakistani. Sadly, at the age of 36, she lost her battle to cancer.


The news of her death stunned every Pakistani. Nazia Hassan was an asset and her death has been a great loss to the music industry.

3. Amjad Sabri

The ever-smiling Amjad Sabri’s death was by far the most shocking death in the industry. The famous Qawwal was murdered in cold blood in his hometown, Liaquatabad.


The singer died at the age of 46. Sabri’s death had not only Pakistani but also International fans mourning as he left the Qawwali genre orphaned. The void created by his death can never be filled!

4. Saadat Hassan Manto

Saadat Hassan Manto was a controversial author whose work was taken in its true spirit years after his death. Manto was a keen observer and exposed the naked truth of the society.


He died at an age of 46, the reason of his death was declared to be the cirrhosis of the liver.

5. Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch was an emerging model and a social media celebrity who wasn’t afraid of making a few notorious comments to create an uproar in the public. Baloch was a bold, open-minded and passionate young lady who didn’t let criticism stop her.


On July 15th, 2016, Pakistan woke up to the sad news of her murder. Qandeel Baloch bid adieu to the world at the age of 26.

6. Shahlyla Baloch

The rising footballer of Pakistan, Shahlyla Baloch, was a striker of the national women’s football team. The promising player of Pakistan met with a fatal accident in October 2016 that took her life.


Baloch was only 20 when this tragic incident happened and the whole country was reeling in shock.

7. Sana Khan

Sana Khan was the young model and actress. She starred in several daily soaps on various TV channels. Her role in ‘Parchaiyan’ earned her critical acclaim.


In a terrible accident that happened on super highway of Karachi, Sana Khan lost her life. She was travelling along with her husband who sustained serious injuries. On several accounts, her age is said to be 22 at the time of death.

8. Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan started his film career in 2002 with a Lollywood movie, ‘Pehla Sajda’. Within a short time, the actor was respected and appreciated for his work.


However, his career was cut short due to an unfortunate accident in 2010, where an explosion at an unidentified farm house occurred. He died at the age of 32.

9. Maria Khan

The emerging model of the Pakistan entertainment industry suffered from heart attack at an age of 28. The actor died afterwards.


10. Tahira Naqvi

Tahira Naqvi was the famous Pakistani actress who rose to in the 1980s.


At the age of 26, the young actress died of a terminal illness. Undoubtedly, the death of the actress was a huge loss to the country’s industry.

11. Nadira

Nadira was a famous Pakistani actress who had a lot of hit films to her credit. Her film career started in the year 1986 with a Lollywood movie, Nishan. The actress was among the top actress in the 1980s.


In 1995, she was shot dead while leaving a restaurant in Lahore. Initially, her husband was suspected for taking her life but the police investigation failed to give any satisfactory result.

12. Rani

The beautiful actress, Rani, rose to fame in the 1960s when she was paired with Waheed Murad in a few films. The actress was not only liked as a movie star but she was a feminist icon. Women loved her because of her strong personality.


In the glitzy Lollywood world, she survived with dignity. She would have joined politics and fought for women’s right, had cancer not claimed her life. At the age of 47, Rani left the world peacefully.

13. Farah Jehanzeb

The talented Chef Farah Jehanzeb was a popular name in the culinary industry of the country. She was also a fashion designer and widely loved and respected for her work. Her show, ‘Food Afternoon with Farah’ was one of the most popular cooking shows on Geo TV.


Her charming personality made her everybody’s favourite. She died at the age of 45 in the year 2014 after losing her battle with breast cancer.

14. Marvi

With only a few films the actress became a household name. She was an elegant  actress whose career flourished even more after she was cast lead in the movie ‘Marvi’. She was destined for much greater things but the fate took a U-turn. Allegedly, Marvi was shot dead by a jealous lover in 1998.


The movie in which she was playing the lead was released after her death. To date, her murder case remains unsolved.

15. Qabil Ajmeri

Qabil Ajmeri was a famous Indian-Pakistan poet. His beautiful poems were enjoyed by the masses as it had depth and a critical analysis of human psychology. It was impressive that a poet would produce in-depth philosophical poems at a very young age.


By the time he was 21 years old, he was already considered as a ‘senior poet’. The poet died when he was only 31 years old losing his battle with tuberculosis.

Contributed By: Aimen Siddiqui