Vinay Pathak Claims To Have Received Royal Treatment In Pakistan

Vinay Pathak Expresses His Feelings Towards Pakistanis

The Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak recently visited Pakistan to attend an international film festival and revealed that he had received a warm welcome and love from this side of the border.

The actor after his visit said that Pakistan is the only country in the world where Indian artists are acknowledged for their skills and received an infinite amount of love and respect.

During an interview, the actor said:   

“I think Pakistan is the only country where we are treated with special care because we are Indian. No other country in the world will treat us with so much love and warmth because you are an Indian”

The Bheja Fry actor cleared the misconception that the hatred Indians are getting from the social media has nothing to do with the opinions of common people in Pakistan.

He added:

The hatred that we see in the mainstream media or social media has nothing to do with common people. I think people to people friendship can never be stopped and should not be stopped for any reason”

During his trip to Pakistan, the actor visited different cinemas and was surprised to see the significant number of fans and followers of Bollywood in the megacity of Karachi.

While sharing his experience, he further said:

“I went to attend a premiere of a Pakistani film and saw a huge poster of ‘Raid’ over there. The ORGANIZERS were saying that there is a huge market of Indian film in Pakistan because people just love watching indian films. They try to release our films almost simultaneously. our legends are same, our food, our looks and everything”

Indeed art and skills have no boundaries and we think that art is the only way which can bridge the gap between two nations.

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