4 Shocking Controversies Involving Pakistani Celebrities

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Celebrities and controversies go hand in hand. Our Pakistani celebrities are no less when it comes to shocking controversies and scandals. While on some occasions, controversies are not great for their careers, many have opted for the road to gain publicity.

There is a smaller chunk of the industry who have not been near one for their entire time in the showbiz industry up till now.

Here are five top trending controversies involving Pakistani Celebrities 

1- Firdous Jamal’s Remarks On Mahira Khan 

During ARY Zindagi’s morning show Salam Zindagi, veteran actor, Firdous Jamal, stated that Mahira was a weak actor. He added that the industry’s most sought out actor is overage and should not be taking lead roles. However, a model’s role will fit her best.

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Many notable personalities from the industry criticized Firdous Jamal’s statement during the live show. Not just that, even Mahira’s fans were distraught. Mahira however, ended this chapter by posting a handwritten letter stating everyone should be kind.

2 – Mohsin Haider Abbas wife, Fatima Sohail Comes Forward 

This one was a problematic scandal that shook the nation to its very core. In 2019, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife, Fatima Sohail, came forward with domestic abuse allegations.

Fatima shared some pictures of proof that immediately went viral. She also accused the former star of having an affair with a newcomer in the industry, Nazish Jahangir.

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The court found the actor guilty of threat and abuse. Currently, the two settled their divorce, while only Fatima has custody of their only child.

3 – Sadaf Kanwal and Mansha Pasha are Not on Good Terms 

In Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan, Sadaf Kanwal stated that she feels “Mansha Pasha should stay at home because she cannot act.” However, the actress showed significant improvements in her craft recently in Lal Kabootar.

Sadaf Kanwal
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The film was selected as Pakistan’s choice for the Oscars’ International Feature Film Category. A lot of celebrities came in support of Mansha and criticized Sadaf for her remarks over and over again while the Lal Kabootar actress showed high class.

4 – Nida Yasir & Soul Sister Pakistan’s Misjudgment

Nida Yasir was on a break because of her mother in law’s sudden demise. ARY Digital on aired an old recording of the show where Nida Yasr showed the extensive haul she did from her trip to Europe.

Nida Yasir and Kanwal
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The group called out Nida for being inconsiderate for showing off her things while her mother in law just passed away. The group members started contacting her husband, Yasir Nawaz put Nida on blast.

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