4 Things That Make The Greatest Showman a Must Watch


They came, they danced and they conquered the hearts of all those who went into the cinema to get entertain. Hugh Jackman’s first film post Logan presented him as a happy-go-lucky man whose imagination had no limits and who achieved whatever he wanted in life. The film had all the ingredients of becoming a blockbuster and blockbuster it became wherever it was released. Why people in Pakistan loved the film was because of their own reasons, 5 of them are discussed below:

Hugh Jackman Is P T Barnum

Pakistanis love Hugh Jackman in avatars other than being the Wolverine – be it Real Steel, Prisoners or Eddie The Eagle – and that’s why they watched the film to see their favourite hero act and dance. Hugh Jackman didn’t disappoint the young or the old and kept the film alive with his avatar and even after 1 month, the film is still running successfully in Pakistan.


Zac Efron At His Best

If there is someone we love less than Hugh Jackman and more than the rest, then that’s the High School Musical kid Zac Efron, who has been the national crush of countless Pakistani girls for a long time. Here, he gets to do what he loves the most – act and dance – as P T Barnum’s associate and when you have two of the most dashing men in Hollywood doing what is un-Hollywood like, who can stay away from the screen.


The Song & Dance Routine

Besides Jackman and Efron, there is a whole troupe of characters that set the stage on fire with their brilliant performances. One moment they are talking among themselves, the next second they are dancing around as a well-rehearsed team, and that’s what makes the film ‘the greatest’ since La La Land. In fact, to me it seemed better than La La Land because it had more actors and diverse performers to make you love every moment.


Larger Than Life Sets!

All the world’s a stage. Happy #Halloween from The #GreatestShowman🎩!

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The sets were gigantic, unlike anything you had seen in the last few years. If there was a Giant in the Barnum Circus, there was the smallest man as well. The stars complimented the sets and acted as if they belonged to the era it represented. Add the Weirdness of the Circus and you get the right colors to paint the perfect picture. And The Greatest Showman is nothing short of a great picture!