5 Best ArJiya Moments That Will Definitely Warm Your Hearts!


Farhan Saeed as Arsal and Iqra Aziz as Jiya have grabbed quite an attention as a couple and people can’t help but drool over their amazing chemistry in Suno Chanda. From being the worst enemies to the best partners in crime, the duo has finally accepted their feelings for each other and we all are loving it!

From pre-episode discussion to live commentary and even promo reviews, #Arjiya is ruling all over the social media and people even post their favorite moments from every new episode in the form of memes and video clips. In short, the Suno Chanda fandom is simply on its peak these days!

Here are 5 Best ArJiya Moments That Will Definitely Warm Your Hearts!

  1. Arsal has been pretty straight forward about his feelings for Jiya and he doesn’t want to ruin their perfect relationship. His emotional outburst didn’t only leave Jiya in a shock but also made us play this scene on a loop!


2. Regardless of being his best friend, Jiya is still quite hesitant to express her feelings. This one emotional moment when Arsal asked Jiya to clear her stance on this matter, with the mesmerizing Suno Chanda OST playing in the background, was too intense to handle!

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  1. Apart from the heart-warming chemistry they share, fans also drool over possessiveness Arsal has towards Jiya and the way he keeps reminding everyone that “Humara Nikkah Hua Wa Hai”. Here’s when he came all the way to warn Sherry not to hold Jiya’s hand anymore!


  1. Since Arsal has found the video of Jiya confessing about her feelings, he’s not letting go of any moment to tease her. The bittersweet exchange of words between the duo is absolutely an eye candy to watch!


  1. That super adorable moment when Jiya gave up her omelette for Arsal when he was throwing tantrums to get her attention in the kitchen. The smile that came to his face after that is absolutely priceless!

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