5 Facts You Need To Know About Rising Star Ramsha Khan


With her debut film Thora Jee Le rising star Ramsha Khan has taken the entertainment cosmos by storm. Having bagged the lead in three dramas, two of which are already airing on Hum TV, this diva is everyone’s new crush.

Giving us all the more reason to get to know more about this exceptional actress. While speaking to VeryFilmi, Ramsha Khan revealed some interesting facts about herself that will make her your new obsession and give you major life goals.

She could potentially be crowned as queen of the console world.

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That’s right, despite the hectic work schedule this diva manages to be a champ in not just her professional life. Behind the delicate beauty hides a hardcore gamer and master in ‘Call of Duty’ or any RPG game, you name it.

This actress is a major foodie and Biryani tops the list of her favourite dishes. You made the right choice, Ramsha.

If you think you can beat this diva with regard to food, accept your defeat at once – out of all the craziest type of food Ramsha has even tried cat biscuits. “They’re disgusting though,” says the actress.

Ramsha Khan hates dressing up. This fact came to us as a surprise though, considering how gorgeous the outfits she wears are.

Seriously Ramsha? We see you as dress up goals. 

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The rising star is an absolute dog lover and has a cute dog of her own. Fifi, to be more precise, who Ramsha simply adores. 

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Our all time favourite celebrity’s dream is to meet Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Although this young star loves the work of all actors in the film industry here and abroad , she is an ultimate fan of just this one Hollywood actor and we can all relate. 

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