5 Reasons Why Bahubaali 2 Is TOTALLY Copied From Lion King


Bollywood’s latest blockbuster Bahubaali 2 stormed the box office and broke all records with its strong presence.

“Baahubali 2: The Conclusion”, the final installment of a two-part fantasy-adventure, has made more than 10 billion rupees ($156 million) worldwide since hitting screens on April 28, according to Indian media.

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However, there was an uncanny resemblance between Disney’s classic The Lion King and Bahubaali 2. The similarities left everyone shocked!

The first similarity where the baby is announced as the king comes in the introduction. One is the ruler of Mahsmati and the other is the king of the jungle.

bahubaali copied from lion king

In both films, the cruel antagonists have very similar scars and in the end, both are killed by the King.

bahubaali copied from lion king

Moreover, in both films, the King has an adviser who helps him make wise decisions, Rafiki and Kattapa.

bahubaali copied from lion king

The lead characters of both the movies lose their homes and are not brought up by their parents.

bahubaali copied from lion king

A film is incomplete without a love story and in Bahubaali 2 it is very similar to Simba and Nala’s story.

bahubaali copied from lion king

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