5 Reasons Why Bareilly Ki Barfi Would NOT be Possible in Pakistan


Bollywood is not all bad if you ask me; there are a lot of things our filmmakers can learn from them if they want to learn. Making a low budget film with a script that is good enough to appeal to all is what Bareilly Ki Barfi teaches us. However, had the idea of the film been presented in Pakistan, it would have failed miserably. Want to know why … read on!

1)     Rajkummar Rao would never have made it big in Pakistan

What if he has done Queen in the past; he wasn’t the hero in the film! This is one argument producers would give when the writers would tell them they plan to cast Rao as Pritam. This single reason has not allowed Saleem Meraj to show his skills in Pakistan and that is one reason why Nawazuddin Siddiqui limits himself to Pakistani commercials.


Actors like these can carry films on their shoulders and come out as winners but until we wear the ‘beauty/handsome glasses’ we will not be able to afford such actors.

2)     Kriti Sanon would have been sidelined after Heropanti

She may have mesmerized the audience with her beauty but in Pakistan, a heroine with a flop film is a flop heroine. There is no second chance even if you are willing to learn, have learned from mistakes or bold enough to take roles others refuse.

Kriti was great as Bitti who can perform break dance, watches English films, smokes cigarettes and is loved by the entire village. In Pakistan, she would be fit for TV, not films!

3)     Ayushmann Khurrana … change your name boss!

Even before Vicky Donor, Ayushmann would have been asked to change his name to something simple just like veteran actor Shaan did (his real name is Armaghan Shahid). The second hurdle he might have to face is ‘sing all your songs’ limiting him to being a singer who can act (they did the same with Mohammad Ali Shyhaki in the 80s).


Finally, he would be paired with heroine older to him to end his career and nobody can relate to it better than Shamyl Khan who at 39 is now playing the role of hero’s elder brother on TV!

4)     The script would have been rejected by all

A half a dozen films in the last 6 years in Pakistan had a good script and none of them includes film here you fought for your country. The audience has matured in this part of the world and they appreciate a film with a good script when they see one.



Sadly, many of those who dictate the workings of cinema have no idea about the script and that’s one of the reasons why Bareilly Ki Barfi would have been deemed a failure when on paper.

5)      No distributor would have agreed to release it

The film would have been rejected by most distributors with the following observations
a) There is no star power; get a veteran actor on board
b) The last 2 films of the heroine were flops
c) Rajkumar doesn’t look like a hero; make him the villain
d) Ayushmann should stick to singing for himself and then move to TV
e) Add an item number to make it more interesting