5 Reasons Why ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ Should Be Screened in Pakistan!


Salman Khan is back with Tiger Zinda Hai and this time he is all set to save the world in a different setting altogether. In this sequel to Ek Tha Tiger, Salman Khan’s Tiger joins hands with Katrina Kaif’s Zoya to save Indian nurses trapped in Iraq as well as humanity from the terrorists who have no empathy towards fellow humans. The original flick was banned in Pakistan when it was released five years back but since the content is mature this time around with a common enemy for India and Pakistan, this sequel must get a chance to be screened in Pakistan.


After Dangal and Tubelight (that were banned in Pakistan for no logical reasons), we hope that both the Censor Board and the Distributors would have learned their lesson and they will release Tiger Zinda Hai on the same date as its worldwide release but also as something to watch during the holiday season. The producers of Rangreza and Arth – the two Pakistani films to be released on the same day – might think of this film from Bollywood as a competitor but if they use their grey cells, they will realize that it is a sort of blessing as it will pull the audience towards the cinemas. Very Filmi has picked a few reasons regarding why Tiger Zinda Hai should not be banned in Pakistan and we hope that it makes sense to those who matter.


It’s all about a common enemy!

Pakistan and India have been rivals since Independence but whenever a film has promoted peace (Tere Pyar Main in Pakistan, Bajrangi Bhaijan in India) it has been well-received by the audience. Indian films are the saviours of the cinema industry in Pakistan (the sooner we acknowledge that, the better) and this film can play its role in bridging the gap between the two countries. Not once from the trailer does it look like an anti-Pakistan theme; in fact, the film’s enemy are the very same people who have destroyed our peace and sent us back by many years.

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Salman Khan has a huge fan following in Pakistan

Aamir Khan once said that fans of Brad Pitt watch his film’s trailer before deciding what they want to do; Salman Khan’s fans need just the release date. Just like India, Salman Khan has a lot of die-hard fans in Pakistan and Tiger Zinda Hai is a film for those fans. Here Salman as Tiger gets to do dangerous stunts as well as romance his girlfriend from across the border which is one of the major reasons why the film must be released in what is the second biggest market for Bollywood films – Pakistan. Then there are the dialogues that Salman gets to deliver which are priceless even if you are not a fan of this Khan.


Katrina Kaif as Pakistani – enough said!

The reason why Ek Tha Tiger was banned in Pakistan was that Katrina played a Pakistani spy who falls in love with an Indian counterpart. Thankfully, in this installment, the Indian and Pakistani spies are on the same side and Katrina even has a dialogue asserting the fact. She also has a huge following in Pakistan, meaning that when and if the film is released it will have a huge opening at the box office. After all, it can’t get better than Salman – Katrina in a film, right?

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Hollywood level action!

Bollywood has employed Hollywood action directors before but this time, they have gone for the best in the business – Tom Struthers is best known for films like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception and Dunkirk and for those who have followed Christopher Nolan, this is a welcome news. Not only does the action sequences in the trailer remind you of Hollywood flicks it also raises the level of Bollywood. You can see stunts by Vin Diesel being recreated in this film which is a step up for Indian films where action is usually not realistic like Hollywood.

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Another one for Team Sultan!

The director of the first installment in the Tiger series Kabir Khan has approved the trailer of Tiger Zinda Hai terming it to be bigger than the original movie.

From what we have seen from Sultan where Salman Khan teamed up with director Ali Abbas Zafar for the first time, this movie has all the ingredients of becoming a hit. Ali Abbas Zafar’s Gunday did well in Pakistan and despite starting in 1971, there was never anything against Pakistan in the entire film. In fact, he had cast Pakistani Pop Star Ali Zafar (no relation) as one of the main leads in his first directorial venture Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.  Ali Abbas Zafar’s strength is his bombastic dialogues which remind the audience of the Salim-Javed days who had Amitabh Bachchan to deliver them; AAZ has Sallu bhai for the very reason.


The film is all set to release on 22nd December, 2017.