5 Simple Steps Of Becoming A Pakistani TV Actress


This is a satirical post. We love our TV actresses!

Pakistani drama actors are loved and adored all over the country. These are the people who appear on you TV screens every day and entertain you. You start relating to their characters so much that you feel the same as their characters feel on-screen. If Iqra Aziz is sad on-screen, you are also feeling low and if Sadia Khan’s happy, you also feel good. That’s the impact of these artists and our TV dramas in our lives.

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But have you ever noticed that most of our drama actresses have pretty much similar characteristics. And the good news is that if you also have similar characteristics, you might also have a very good chance of becoming a Pakistani TV Drama actress.

So, if you have that passion and you want to become a drama actress and we have compiled a few simple steps for you. Have a look.

Flowing hair preferably not black

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You hair should be any color but black. Whether you are playing the role of a lower middle-class girl of our society or a rich one, you hair would always be dyed. So if you have black hair then you know what you need to work on.

Size zero

If you have a thin physique and it looks like your parents never gave you anything to eat and starved you… then my dear, your future is bright in the TV industry.

Cat Eyes


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Start watching all the cat eyes tutorials on YouTube. Doesn’t really matter if your eyes are small or big, all you need is YouTube and good eye make-up.

Normal Height

If you are neither too tall, nor too short then you’re good to go on our TV screens. So if you are tall then try to wear clothes that make you appear short and if you are short, then find the appropriate heels.

Social Media Queen

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You need to be a social media queen. Whether you are trying to appear as a nerd by wearing glasses or having a cup of tea, you should be able to exaggerate each and everything on Snapchat and Instagram. If you are not active then you need to work really hard on this one. The more the followers on Insta, the more the chances of being successful on TV!

These are a few steps that are required with minimal acting skills to become a successful TV actress in current times.

Hope to see you on our TV screens soon. Best of luck!