5 times Tom Cruise floored us in Uniform


The first thing one recalls when talking about Tom Cruise is his piloting days in Top Gun; at least that’s what people who grew up in the 80s do that. Since then, the Hollywood actor has played many characters but whenever he dons a uniform, he takes his loyal fans back into the past. Let’s take a look at the five times he wore a uniform and impressed all, from Top Gun to American Made.

Top Gun (1986)
As Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, Tom Cruise defined how a Naval Aviator must look, must act and must perform his duties because, from 1986, things changed big time. Every girl who grew up in the 80s wanted to be his girlfriend and every guy wanted to be him. In fact, a few years back a Pakistani Air Force pilot gained worldwide recognition for his resemblance to Tom Cruise, such is the magnetism of the character he played in Top Gun. He will reprise the role next year in the sequel of the film, titled Top Gun: Maverick.

A Few Good Men (1992)
Tom Cruise was once again in whites this time as Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, United States Navy, JAG Corps; as an unenthusiastic lawyer, he starts the film but by the end manages to win the case against the untouchable boss with help from Demi Moore. The film was a huge success and even went onto be developed into a TV series JAG where Naval lawyers were on a quest for the truth, justice, and American way!

Valkyrie (2008)
What! ‘That Nazi with an eye-patch is Tom Cruise’ was the reaction when the trailer of this Bryan Singer film was released. Based on a plot on assassinate Hitler in 1944, the film took the audience back in the time of the Second World War. Tom Cruise was selected to play one of the key plotters Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg based on his resemblance to the person, and he managed to carry the film on his shoulder, in Uniform, be it a Nazi one.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
Major William Cage lives, dies then again lives, dies in Edge of Tomorrow and who else could have been a better choice than Tom Cruise to play the character, considering he hardly ever dies on screen. Tom Cruise plays a PR officer who is sent into the field and dies while fighting the aliens; however, he is stuck in a time loop that sends him back to the day he was enlisted in the combat. Major Cage uses the time to improve his fighting skills thanks to Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) and in the process, won the hearts of his fans who always want him to come back to life, no matter how bad the situation is!

American Made (2017)
Tom Cruise brings Barry Seal back to life in this flick where he dons the whites but as a TWA commercial pilot who gets promoted as a CIA pilot who in turn becomes a drug smuggler, a Spy and an American hero. The film may have come 31 years after Top Gun but the sight of watching Tom Cruise in a Uniform still makes you want to meet him, shake his hand and tell him that you have been following his films ever since you can remember. Watch the film to find out what happens to Tom’s character in the film who just wants to be rich, and nothing else.

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