6 Films To Watch This December


Move aside No Shave November, the final month of the year is here and it has a lot in store for movie buffs. From remakes to sequels, from musicals to biopics, from con-films to pop-corn films, Delicious December doesn’t cease to amaze us even this time around. Let us help you out so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes:


Fukrey Returns (8th December)

The gang is back and this time, they will bank on Chucha’s Superpower – De Ja Chu! Like last time, they will get into trouble because that’s what Fukreys do!


Star Wars – The Last Jedi (15th December)

Mark Hamill returns as The Last Jedi (or is it the girl) in the latest Star Wars film where his character’s sister will appear on screen for the final team. There is no Han Solo but there will be a lot of action, including the scene where Rey finally meets Kylo Ren!

Arth (21st December)

Shaan Shahid returns to the screen as actor/director through Arth which is a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s classic film with the same name. Here the veteran actor plays a singer making a comeback and how his life effects that of those around him.

Rangreza (21st December)

Bilal Ashraf and Gohar Rasheed play poles apart musicians who fall for the same girl Reshmi played by Urwa Hocane. The wonderfully shot film also brings back senior TV actors to films and revolves around music and those who are associated with the profession.


Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle (22nd December)

For those who have seen Robin Williams’ Jumanji, this introduction is meaningless; for those who haven’t, they must watch the trailer to understand that they are in for a treat that will keep the Jumanji tradition alive.


Chupan Chupai (29th December)

Ahsan Khan is all set to make a great comeback to films with this flick where he gets to romance the beautiful Neelam Munir, complete a heist and then play hide and seek with the law enforcement agencies for kidnapping the son of a powerful minister.

Make sure you go and watch these movies.