6 Things We Love About Hum TV’s Sang-e-Mar Mar


To be honest, when Sang-e-Mar Mar aired I thought it will be one of those serials which will lose its charm after a couple of episodes. Still, I gave it a shot because of its phenomenal cast. And, boy, it was a good bargain. The drama captured my attention and now I cannot miss a single episode. Let’s find out what makes the show so awesome!

1. Powerful acting

Although I have a special mention, it will not be wrong to say that the entire cast is giving a power-packed performance. Unconventional views -at least for us- are portrayed excellently. You don’t feel bad about any character. You happen to like all of them. From Safiullah to Palwasha, each character shines on-screen.

2. Perfect balance

There are only a few dramas that are executed this way. This is no one man show. Every character has a story. They are not there to lend a shoulder to the protagonist to cry on. They have their presence which viewers cannot deny. Dramas which give 90 percent of screen time to a few people usually fail to leave a mark.


3. Surprises

The story is fresh and not the usual tried and tested one. Dialogue are powerful and meaningful. No fancy words. No metaphors. Simple and straightforward. Every episode has something to tell. You cannot pick an episode from the middle. You have to follow the show. Anyone can be murdered – I’m trying not to give spoilers. So drop your work and catch up with the show.


4. Haunting past

It is always good to watch how characters became what they are now. So a casual sneak peek into their past lives is critics’ favorite. Scenes where Noman Ijaz remembers his father and where his son asks him harsh questions about his past life is a treat to viewers.

5. Customs and values

In recent episodes, the death of a female character led to a heartfelt scene. A sister mentioned to his brother that the woman is barely mentioned in the household. Nobody seemed to mourn her death. The brother explained how women remain invisible throughout their lives. This is a very powerful scene and executed quite well. In fact throughout the drama it is how a woman can be an enemy of another woman. You see, not standing for one of their own.

6. Star of the drama

I have mentioned that each character has stolen the show but my special mention is Sania Saeed. The woman knows how to pull off a character. The most versatile actor in Pakistan. Her powerful performance has glued me to the show. I look forward to her scenes. Another reason to watch the show.

Do you watch Sang-e-Mar Mar? Let us know how you feel about this show?

Contributed by Aimen Siddique