7 Celebrities Who Should Never Appear In Ramadan Transmissions


The Holy month of Ramadan has finally arrived and, like every year, our celebrities have transformed themselves as pious and religious ones to host special Ramadan Transmissions. Arguably, hosting such shows is a tough job and it is not a piece of cake for every celebrity.

But this year, we can see that many A-list models and actors have switched from tees to dupatta clad outfits for special transmissions.

Pakistani Celebrities & Their Ramadan Transformation

But there are still some of the celebrities and models whom we would not want to host such transmissions, in case they are planning to.

Scroll down and check the list!

Iqra Aziz

The actress is trending these days because of her on-going drama Suno Chanda. She is no doubt beautiful, but is she up-to-the-mark to host special transmission?


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Danyal Zafar

The handsome brother of pop singer Ali Zafar is a dream man for girls in Pakistan. The model/singer has a melodious voice and is good at everything but can you see him as the host of special transmission?

Tug of وار آ جاو

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Sadaf Kanwal

The model has stolen hundreds and hundreds of hearts with her thick eyebrows and flawless skin. She is a girl who can pull even a garbage like attire and flaunt it like a boss. But how good she can be at hosting a Ramadan transmission? Although, we love to see the transformation!

Caption 🇮🇹?

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Urwa Hocane

This girl with beauty and brain often faces the wrath of social media for different reasons and we bet Pakistanis will never accept her as a pious host.


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Feroze Khan

This guy has aced every character of his dramas – be it that of a lover or a villain – he knows how to mold himself into any character. But can he be a good Ramadan show host? We wonder that!

Ali Rehman

This guy manages to look dapper in every drama and TVC but can he be a good host?

Suit up, boot down, get busy. 🐉

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Sarish Khan

Miss Pakistan 2015 Sarish Khan faces the wrath of social media every now and then because of her acts; we wonder how people will react when she will be hosting a special transmission.

Can we see any of the aforementioned actors as a Ramadan transmission host? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This post is a satire piece and is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

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