7 Most Hated Villains in Pakistani Dramas


There is no doubt that the Pakistani dramas have been ruling our entertainment industry with their unprecedented plots and exceptional performances of the actors. With time we have witnessed how the TV serials have evolved to depict various aspects of our society. Simultaneously the evil protagonists have matured into complicated characters with a dominant role in the story development.

Almost all of our dramas have a villain that people cannot forgive and forget. Here is a list of the actors who have played wicked characters in some of the iconic dramas that have ever aired on television.

1. Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz in Udaari

The actor played the role of a pedophile in this iconic drama on child abuse. Viewers could not help themselves from utterly hating Ahsan Khan’s character and his remarkable depiction of the villain earned him the Best Character in a Negative Role Award in the 2017 Lux Style Awards.

2. Gohar Rasheed as Mikaeel in Mann Mayal

Gohar Rasheed as an abusive husband to Mannu (Maya Ali) really had everyone’s nerves boil. Needless to say, his exceptional performance bagged him the Best Supporting Actor TV award at the recent IPPA 2017.

3. Hania Aamir as Naila in Titli

The young star chose to play a daring role of an evil female protagonist in her first drama and totally nailed it. Being the extraordinary talent that she is, Hania broke millions of hearts as she continued to mistreat her onscreen husband Ahmed (Ali Abbas) and children!

4. Ali Kazmi as Abid in Baaghi

In this trending drama viewers hate Ali Kazmi with a passion. Playing the role of Fauzia’s (Saba Qamar’s) abusive husband the actor has depicted male chauvinism at its peak. In a plot based on a true story of Pakistan’s controversial internet sensation Qandeel Baloch, this actor delivered a commendable performance of a villain.

5. Sabeena Syed as Faryal in Yaqeen Ka Safar

The young actress made her debut in the entertainment industry in this top rated drama. Sabeena’s performance in the role of Faryal, a non understanding ex lover to Asfandyar (Ahad Raza Mir) and further a hurdle to his developing friendship with Zobia (Sajal Ali),  has made millions of hearts ache.

6. Syed Jibran as Numair in Chup Raho

The brilliant actor played the role of Rameen’s (Sajal Ali’s) brother in law who rapes her and forces her to keep silent. Ultimately becoming the most hated villain for anyone who watched this intriguing drama.

7. Naveen Waqar as Sara in Humsafar

How quickly time flies! Six years have passed since this iconic drama first aired on television and Naveen Waqar still remains one of the most hated negative characters in the history of our drama industry. Her ongoing attempts to split Ashar (Fawad Khan) and Khirad (Mahira Khan) because of her unrequited love for her cousin Ashar have really made viewers despise her eternally.

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