7 Pakistani Celebrities Who Haven’t Aged At All!


Some Pakistani celebrities have always been there on our screens. A whole generation has grown old watching them but they are still the same. These celebs have defied the laws of nature by not aging. As the years go by these Pakistani personalities have transformed themselves on the screen. One thing that is still intact is their looks.

Is it the fountain of youth or some celebrity diet that locks their beauty? Or have they really gone under the knife? These are the questions that come to mind when we compare their old pictures with present ones.

If you don’t believe us, take a look:

1. Mahnoor Baloch

She is beauty, she is grace. Since 1993, there has been no one to take her place. Mahnoor Baloch may have become a grandmother, but after 23 years she still makes our hearts skip a beat.

pakistani celebrities then and now mahnoor baloch


Mahnoor Baloch Defies Age In A Photoshoot With Azfar Rehman

2. Faysal Quraishi

He may have started acting as a child but midway this 42-year-old definitely stopped aging. Which is why all the ladies wake up early to see him every morning in ‘Salaam Zindagi’.

pakistani celebrities then and now faysal quraishi


3. Shaan Shahid

He debuted at the age of 17, in a film called ‘Bulandi’. Coincidently, his career like the film’s name has reached great heights. Which is why his being 45 creates no obstacles for his soaring popularity.Of course, the fact that his good looks haven’t diminished is an additional bonus.

pakistani celebrities then and now shaan shahid


4. Faisal Rehman

At age 50, Faisal Rehman’s dimpled smile and boyish charms can still melt hearts. He has been in the industry since the 80’s and he still giving the younger generation a tough competition.

pakistani celebrities then and now faisal rehman


5. Reema Khan

Reema and Shaan must have drunk the elixir of life, on the sets of their debut film, ‘Bulandi’. For like him, she has not lost her good looks. In fact, over the years she has groomed herself into being lovelier than before.

pakistani celebrities then and now reema


6. Adnan Siddiqui

Adnan Siddiqui has aged like fine wine. At 47 he is still making the ladies swoon. The actor, who has been one of the leading faces of Pakistani industry is now all set to make his Bollywood debut this year in ‘Mom’.

pakistani celebrities then and now adnan siddiqui

Sajal Aly’s Bollywood Movie Mom Unveils First Look!

7. Noman Ejaz

Like his career, this 52-year old’s face is still wrinkle free. Which is why we enjoy seeing him both in leading roles opposite women half his age and roles like Daaji, in ‘Sang-e-Mar Mar’, where his experience shines.

pakistani celebrities then and now noman ijaz

What do you suggest? Is it genes? Some mysterious anti-aging cream or something more sinister? Whether it is natural or artificial. We think these celebs look great.

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