7 Times Pakistani Stars Broke The Internet


Keeping a track on the latest happenings of the world might be troublesome, but worry not – this is what bloggers are for. A small round of applause for us, maybe? There you go, thank you! Anyway, on this auspicious day of December 30, when we are left with only one more day to welcome the year 2017, I bring the iconic moments of 2016 for my lovely readers. Enjoy reading, folks.

1. Amir Liaquat on 9Gag

If you don’t know what 9Gag is, you would have to change your priorities. Like, seriously. For starters, 9Gag, as the name suggests, is a place where people across the world share memes and funny stuffs. The site caters to a wide audience. In the current year, a meme appeared featuring Amir Liaquat. A high-five moment for all the cooler lot out there.

2. The Khans Bonding

The Pakistani entertainment industry used to be notoriously famous for numerous cat fights. Female actors wouldn’t meet the eyes of one another. However, they can now have an eye-to-eye -all hail to Taher Shah ;). Jokes apart, what really happened was how Mahira Khan came to rescue Ayesha Khan when an online publication wrote a dodgy caption for Ayesha Khan.

Apparently, the publication ‘would not have thought’ that Ayesha Khan could deliver a remarkable performance in the ongoing drama series, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai. Mahira Khan, however, didn’t agree to this and left a comment the gist of which was that Ayesha Khan has given marvellous performances in her career. Well done, Mahira! For those interested to follow the story, check out the link below:

3. The return of Meera Ji

Ever since I was a child -oops sorry Meera Ji – I have always found Meera and scandal synonymous. Meera was absent from the entertainment industry for quite sometime now.  I guess she was not happy with the limelight being away from her so she came back with a bang.

The most recent statement of Meera is a direct and a nasty attack on Mahira Khan. Meera claims that Khan is only famous in the industry because certain elements want her to be. According to her Khan doesn’t deserve the publicity she’s being given. She went at lengths by attacking on her marital status and called her an ‘Aunty’. Since the story is a developing one, Mahira Khan’s reply hasn’t come yet. Let us see how things will unfold.

4. Dil Hai Hindustani

No, the film is not having a sequel being made. The reference is for once Pakistani singer Adnan Sami who now leaves no stone unturned to prove himself an Indian citizen. Although I don’t have anything to do with someone’s preferences, Sami went a little over the threshold this time.

Adnan Sami . @adnansamiworld . . An Indian singer, musician, composer, and actor #AdnanSami

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Reportedly, Sami claimed that he is more Indian. The claim came in the wake of heightened tension between India and Pakistan. A lot of people criticized Sami for being unfaithful to his motherland and Sami seems to be okay about it.

5. That sour memory

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In an international match between India and Pakistan, Shafqat Amanat Ali was tasked to sing the Pakistan national anthem before the innings kicked off. The match wasn’t a routine one. It was the T20 WorldCup match and the entire world was the spectator. The whole incident turned out to be sore when the talented singer jumbled up the lyrics. This leaves the entire nation disappointed. Although Ali came forward to defend himself, there was no use in crying over split milk.

6. Waqar Zaka-Bushra Ansari

Qandeel Baloch’s death shook the entire entertainment industry to its core. While some expressed their grief and sorrow in a subtle way, Waqar Zaka attacked on senior artist Bushra Ansari. Zaka claimed that Ansari was very rude towards Qandeel Baloch when she auditioned for the Pakistan Idol show. Zaka said that all of these factors have triggered the murder of the young star.

7. Save the bride

Being a star in the country is a bit difficult owing to the judgement of social media. Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed tied the knot this year. Their wedding was nothing less than a fairy tale, but social media fanatics didn’t let the happy couple enjoy their big day. Urwa’s was mocked unreasonably by the majority.

Wife ?❤

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The bride’s choice of outfits was also mocked. Mawra Hocane -Urwa’s sister -came to her sister’s rescue. She shamed the fanatics who were not letting her sister and her family enjoy the most important occasion of Urwa’s life. Bravo Mawra!

Contributed by Aimen Siddiqui