8 Pakistani Celebrities Scandals That You Might Not Know About


Being in an entertainment industry is tough. No matter how hard you try, scandals seem to get a way to target you. Although, it is a nuisance and should be avoided, there are a few stars who take the support of a scandal for cheap publicity. We are not the moral police, we are not going to judge which scandal was an attempt for publicity and which one was an immoral attack on celebrities. Just for the sake of entertainment, let’s take a look below:

Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Almost everyone was taken by surprise when a few inappropriate pictures of Abbasi and Qamar went viral on social media. Both the actors were sharing a cosy moment with one another. Abbasi who is famous for his posts on social media preaching morality and righteousness came under attack. The situation was further spiced up when Abbasi made a comment on ‘item songs’ and Qamar indirectly called him ‘the Meera of the men.’ (Source)

Javed Sheikh and Neeli

Sheikh is famous in younger generation as the loving father of protagonists. In the beginning of his career, Sheikh was the eye candy for almost every girl. Gossip mills started churning rumours of Sheikh and his co-actor Neeli when the two were paired in a film together. The scandal however died down in no time. (Source)

Qandeel Baloch and Mufti Qavi

Earlier in the year 2016, a short time before her untimely death, Baloch was put in negative light when a few pictures went viral. Apparently, Baloch and Mufti Qavi had a private meeting. Qavi and Baloch even appeared on the talk show where they had a debate over the meet-up but the buzz soon died down owing to the model’s death. (Source)

Ayesha Khan and Humayun Saeed

The sweet and innocent couple of Mehndi were accused of having an affair by a lot of people. Rumours had it that Saeed’s wife was too disappointed in her husband. Saeed and Khan chose to remain silent over all accusations and allegation citing that a debate would only aggravate the situation. (Source)

Meera and Capt. Naveed

Meera hit the television screens in a pictorial form. She and a man called Capt. Naveed were rumoured to be married. Some of her private pictures were also leaked on the media. The scandal was breathed back to life time after time. (Source)

Muhammad Asif and Veena

Before her Big Boss stint, Veera stayed in tabloids for a long time and for wrong reasons. She accused Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Asif of betraying her. She also revealed how she helped the cricketer financially, but the cricketer denied her side of the story. (Source)

Imran Khan and Sita White

Politician and former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team Imran Khan is not only being linked with Sita White, but he is also been accused of having an illegitimate child. Khan has never accepted the accusations. (Source)

Zeba Bakhtiar and Javed Jaffrey

Indian actor Javed Jaffri once produced his and Bakhtiar’s marriage contract in front of the media. To date, Bakhtiar has maintained that she was never married to Jaffri. (Source)

‘Scandals breathe on rumor mills. This article is in no way pointing fingers at the artists mentioned. This article should be taken as a report and not an opinion.’

Contributed by Aimen Siddiqui