“8969” Upcoming Pakistani Thriller Film Just Released A Poster


Directed by Azeem Sajjid, “8969” is all set to release next month on 2nd December 2016 under AJ Media Productions. It was set to release by the end of 2015 but was pushed to 2016. With a star-studded cast featuring Saba Qamar, Hussain Tiwana, Sadaf Hamid and Ali Jabran Khan, this film is already receiving wide criticism after the release of its trailer in September 2014. 

The poster was just released and similar to its trailer has received backlash.


The tacky poster features three of the characters from the film, including the famous Saba Qamar, in front of a black and white naked torso of man who is turned away from the camera. The poster screams vulgar and cheap, and incredibly old-fashioned, as did the trailer.

With the low-cost cinematography and the cliché horror movie soundtrack, this is definitely a step in the wrong direction for Pakistani cinema. The concept of the film does not seem that intriguing but then again, the trailer did not even display a remotely coherent scene. It also showcases that one clichéd self-destructive girl that is portrayed as a bimbo who also conveniently takes part in all the improper intimate scenes that are incredibly unnecessary. However, since the film itself looks bland, maybe that will be able to sell it.

This does not seem a film fit for Saba Qamar’s career now, but since it was filmed in 2014, we wouldn’t be surprised if Saba Qamar would like to disassociate herself from this. We definitely will not be surprised if it does not have the big bucks rolling in. Although, if you’re a fan of Azeem Sajjid and the thriller genre, be sure to check this movie out!

Watch the trailer here,