Aamir Khan Promotes Women Empowerment For Star Plus’ Latest Ad


Aamir Khan turned Sikh in the latest TVC for Star Plus’s #NayiSoch campaign. Khan is seen fighting for women, yet again, in the commercial.

The actor was first seen giving a similar message in the 2016 blockbuster film, Dangal. Moreover, he continues to lay emphasis on taking pride in a girl child and the importance of her contribution to society.

Take a look at the video below:


The latest collaboration between Nitish Tirwani and Aamir Khan is a thoughtful throwback of his character from the film Dangal.

Captioned as ‘Shoon Te Shaan’, Khan is seen endorsing Gurdeep Singh and Daughters’ in the TVC as a welcome change to break away from the taboo society has against daughters.

In the 48 second video, Khan is seen breaking stereotypes by proudly crediting his daughters for promoting and being the brain behind his business. The ad ends on a positive note by showing the name of the sweet shop, ‘Gurdeep Singh and Daughters’.

Khan takes forward the message “Bete nahi ji, betiya” in the ad.

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