Aamir Liaquat’s Martyr Look for Pak Ramadan Teaser Goes Viral


It is the time of the year again when Game of Ramazan transmissions begin. With the rise in the number of programs, every TV host is making sure they are the real deal when it comes to the ratings of their show. Dr. Amir Liaqat is making sure that he keeps his throne. The tuka lugao musalmano host released a teaser on twitter of his new show Pak Ramazan, and guess what? He appeared as a martyred soldier.

He also shared BTS images with his fans. Here are few of them: 

Aamir Liaqat
Who’s your daddy now?

Aamir Liaqat

Everyone’s favorite entertainer took it a little too far when he announced that he is opting for a world record and that his show will be continuously on aired for 4 days without any breaks. MashAllah Amir Bhai!

The teaser caused serious waves on social media and received mix views. Amir Bhai knows what he wants. 

As usual, twitter over reacted. Here are few hilarious tweets:

We hope Dr. Amir Liaqat survives for next 4 days without any sleep. For more updates, stay tuned to VeryFilmi.