Aangan Bids Farewell With Unexpected Twist, Leaving Us All Emotional!


Leaving a mark on TV screens, Aangan bids farewell with an unexpected twist that has left everyone all emotional and has totally changed the perspective towards this drama. The last episode brought a major twist as Sajjad’s death proves to be the turning point for all the characters and the followers of this show didn’t see that coming!

Sajjad took the stress of this whole issue of property created by Shafiq and his death proved to be an eye-opener for the rest of the family. Shafiq, whose selfishness made him blind to see beyond his own benefits, is now left with guilt only, but it’s too late! He has also stepped down from demanding his share from the house and the factory, and is willing to see the whole family intact, again!

Even though the story of Aangan is quite close to reality but still, we all used to watch it in a light mode, enjoying the classic banters and arguments that arise within a joint family. This unexpected ending has hit hard on our feelings and we weren’t ready for it!

Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, Aangan also highlights the importance of women empowerment in a smooth way. Now, Hajrah has the responsibility of taking decisions and Laila receives encouragement for her business. Haseena has also gained acceptance as the daughter-in-law in the house, as Laila and Asim finally talk things out!

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Besides many other things, Aangan also teaches us about the uncertainty of life and the impact of one’s death on their family. Since Sajjad is no more, Zahid’s personality has totally changed as the responsibility of taking care of the family business has now fallen on his shoulders!

Now, everyone is looking forward to welcoming a new member into the family (Saddan’s daughter) and this shows the beauty of life and how it keeps going on!

The amazing cast of Aangan deserves all the appreciation for their phenomenal performances that made this drama closer to reality. Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmed, Waseem Abbas, Noor Ul Hassan, Mansha Pasha, Hassan Ahmed, Iffat Omar, Uzma Hassan and Mariam Ansari and others, all have done a great job and will be remembered by their characters for quite some time!

Penned down by Faiza Iftikhar, Aangan is one of those dramas that captures a lot in a bottle and make us relate to the story. This 36 episodes journey has successfully imparted the wisdom of family values and relationships, and has joined the list of the most loved dramas ever to hit our screens!

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