Aangan Episode 2 Review: Salma’s Rebellious Decision Shatters Family Honor!


Continuing from where we left off, the second episode of Aangan aired last night and we are already in for a major twist in the story.

The last episode showed how furious Malkin (Amma Jee) got after she caught Salma and Subhan expressing their love for each other. We also got to know that even though she has grown up in a strict household, Salma has a rebellious nature and she’s not afraid to face the world to get together with Subhan.

The aftermath of the last episode continues as the two daughters-in-law try to figure out the reason for the sudden outrage of Amma Jee. They find out that Munshee Jee has thrown out Subhan and his family out of the village and the younger daughter in law figures out the real reason immediately. When she confronts Amma Jee, she asks her to not to tell anyone but the word gets out in no time.

Being madly in love with Subhan, the restrictions on Salma has made her even more determined to rebel against the family. Living in her own fairy tale, she fearlessly reveals to her sister in laws how she is going to get married today and they think she’s gone crazy.

And the night comes when Salma decides to leave her home, not worrying about the outcome of her daring act and escapes all the obstacles in her way to get together with Subhan.

This episode was mainly focused on Salma’s storyline and yet again Sonya Hussyn was simply brilliant. Being a true performer she knows how to communicate with her expressions and Salma’s character seems so well-crafted with her personality.

They also focused on the fact that how none of the male members of the family take interest in the household, probably one of the reasons why Salma is crazily in love with Subhan as he’s the only manly figure in her life.

This news comes as no less than a thunderstorm and the whole Haveli is haunted by a deadly silence due to Salma’s absence.

Where Amma Jee blames her husband for this mess her family has been, Muzaffar Mian’s ‘sense of honor’ is also shattered and he takes out his gun to kill the ones responsible. The exchange of words between the two depicted the intensity of their relationship and it was simply a treat to watch Zaib Rehman and Abid Ali sharing the screen together.

Subhan’s father might love Salma as his own daughter but he begs her to go back to the haveli, fearing the wrath of Malkin. Salma doesn’t fear anyone anymore and she is willing to start a new life with Subhan, not caring about his lifestyle and financial conditions.

To overcome her rage, Amma Jee decides to burn Salma’s belonging in the Aangan and declares that she is now dead to her after Muzaffar Mian reveals that Salma and Subhan are now married.

Sensing the complexity of the situation, Mazhar, the younger son, intervenes to talk sense into his parents who are willing to kill their daughter in the name of honor. He calms them down and explains that Salma and Subhan have not committed any crime and this issue can be resolved by discussion.

The overall episode was well executed with a brilliant direction by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. We have only been introduced to a handful of characters so far and each of them has done justice to their characters including Zaib Rehman, Abid Ali, Sonya Hussyn, Ahsan Khan, Omair Rana and Madiha Rizvi.

The promo for the next episode reveals that Mazhar will go talk to Subhan and Salma while something bad will happen to Malkin’s fields back at home.

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